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    Now that I'm coming up on a full year of being back on the east coast
    I'm reminded of changes to my running each new season brings. Last winter

    my training was somewhat hampered by both weather and injury and now

    with the heat/humidity of summer I'm determined to be more prepared. 


    I'm attaching a few links related to running in hot weather, just an FYI to

    my fellow trail runners (and roadie's too). For years I always used the

    forecast-ed humidity as a gauge, then a long-time runner reminded me

    that dew point and heat index are better gauges to prepare for running in

    the heat.




      Thanks for the links.  I've always used Heat Index as the deciding factor.  I like the Dew Point chart from your link.


      My run today finished with a Heat Index of 94 and Dew Point was 74.  2 Hours after I finished the HI was still up 93 but the DP was lower at 66.  Looks like earlier is not always better based on the Dew Point method.


        Thanks for posting this. It explains why I didn't do better this morning. The dew point was in the 70s where I was at. I really need to get in another long run this week but after looking at the dew points I'm wondering if that will happen.


          Thanks for the links! I live in Louisiana so I a honestly don't look at the numbers much during the is hot is hot lol. But it is helpful to see the numbers and remember that no, I didn't suddenly lose fitness...there's a reason that that run sucked!



          Bless your heart.

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            Thanks for the info on dew point. I've never paid any attention to it before but now I will make it part of my regular weather checking routine.

            running under the BigSky

              I really suck when it comes to running in heat and we don't even have much for humidity (or high dew points Big grin)


              I know Scott J put a lot of time and effort running in the heat of the day to condition his body, probably something to that (w/o killing yourself of course!)


                I am weird but when it gets hot around here in the summer I get this urge to hit the track and do some intervals or tempo runs. I never really find it that bad though I do run in the evening when the sun angle is lower. I've done plenty of track workouts in 90-100 degree temps. I find them oddly satisfying and am tempted to do one in the coming weeks. These are only 6-7 mile runs though and water is always nearby so that helps.

                In dog beers, I've only had one.


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                  I'm hit or miss on days when it's hot...Some days I feel great, have the sweat pouring out of me and really embrace the heat.  Other day's I'm just sapped.  I haven't figured out how to predict which it will be.

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                    One of our locals posted this after this past weekend's race where he placed in the top 10 out of a very competitive field.


                    Beating the heat. 


                    He has some good suggestions under the "Temperature Management" section.

                    You people, have issues.


                      I agree that dew point and heat index are major factors.


                      Irish Luck

                        I'm hit or miss on days when it's hot...Some days I feel great, have the sweat pouring out of me and really embrace the heat.  Other day's I'm just sapped.  I haven't figured out how to predict which it will be.


                        This is me.  I get used to the heat around this time of year, as I spend almost every day of my week's vacation on the Jersey shore running the length of the boardwalk (5 mi down-and-back). We usually must go around noon b/c the bike traffic is so terrible on the boards earlier in the AM.  I think I'd rather battle the heat than the reckless recreational cyclists on the boardwalk

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                          This is my coach's recap on training for Badwater last year.


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