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    Good morning Trailers!


    I went on another beautiful beach run this morning, just as the sun was coming up. more surfers and more monkeys lounging around the beach. It looks like another warm winter day in Durban. I would hate to be here in the summer, it must be brutal.


    QOTD: Reflecting back on your career plans from young adulthood, or early teens, did things work out as anticipated?


    I never really had a plan, but I'm intrigued by people that did and ultimately met their career goals. I just fell into a line of work that suited me and things worked out. And someday, I might even have a job again. No rush though. I like things the way they are.


    A picture from my morning run, looking toward Antarctica.


    Faster Than Your Couch!

      Good Morning,


      My boys have Field Day at school today, meaning they will be outside playing games, and I'll join them soon.

      I hope to get a run in afterwards.


      Kelly: Sounds like a very nice place - in winter.


      QOTD: To some extent. I had two dreams, one was to just be the wife of a rich, hard-working guy, so that I would be able to look good and do whatever I wanted to. The other one was to become famous and work my way up the corporate ladder, or somewhere in academics.

      Part of each came true (just not the part of the rich guy  .

      I still get to do a lot of what I want to do, despite having a large family, so that is good.

      I had a great career and was on the fast-track up the corporate ladder, reaching the executive level and enjoying the benefits that came with it.

      Then I decided to cut my career and trade it in for more children, which was a good, but not wise decision. I love my family, and I do not miss the stress level of the executive job, and all that time being away from my family, which would inevitably have continued.

      Now I'm looking for a job in my "real" career again - right now I work in customer service in a grocery market (fun, but does not pay well).


      Enjoy Friday, trailers, and good luck to racers and pacers this weekend!

      Run for fun.


        Good morning.  SRD for me.  Will try a bit longer run tomorrow as all systems seem go following my race.


        Nice morning view, Kelly.

        Couch - Have fun at field day.  Remember the sunscreen (I always seemed to get burned watching my kids).


        QOTD:  I enjoy my work, and love helping people, but most of us in healthcare would love to go back to the simpler days before government over-involvement.

          Morning folks!

          five and a half last night with the dog.


          QOTD: Originally, I wanted to be Buckaroo Bonzai. So far that hasn't worked out.

          I found something I was good at doing (by accident) and just went with it. I've done it long enough that I'm kind of committed.

          I am taking advantage of my new jobs free tuition benefit and I'll be working towards my degree starting this fall semester.

          (Degree field TBD, but leaning towards accounting, maybe. If only the engineering program was stronger at the school)


            Yay! Finally the weekend!


            Lace: another day in Paradise for you! You are a fortunate man!


            Couch: I come from a small family, but my best friend has 9 kids. Big families are so fun! Have a great time.


            Planning a nice hour or so out on a beautiful trail after work. Then mowing.


            Qotd: yeah! I'm right where I thought I would be!  Every 18 year d dreams of it! I was going to be a wildlife biologist. I have a BA in biology...big whoop. I have always worked medical. Should have been a nurse. I am happy anyway. My life is my family and running..not my job.

            running under the BigSky

              Morning Trailers!  Weight training this evening.  lace- very nice shot- looks like a place I'd love to visit (especially say around January!)


              qotd: I was lucky (but also driven too Smile) to end up in a career I always dreamed about- to be a Montana game warden.  I worked my way up from Warden to Sergeant, from Sergeant to Captain.  It was a very satisfying career, but after 25 years it was time to hang up my spurs.  While I retired from that career, it wasn't quite time to fully retire- so I lucked out (again) and scored a great job working for a federal agency (and with it a move to Western Montana)- still carry a gun and badge, but I'm in a suit coat and tie, not Wranglers and a felt hat  Big grin


                Morning all!


                Still no running for me, feel good but trying to be patient and give the body plenty of time to recover from my race. I was going to head out for some easy miles last night, but then the winds kicked up. No fun while pushing a stroller so I bailed. Hopefully get out for some miles this weekend.


                Lace - Good luck!


                QOTD: Never had much of a plan except to be a mountain man. Since that doesn't pay well and the government frowns on living off the land these days, I decided to go to college. I am mostly happy with where I have ended up career wise. What I didn't anticipate is that my wife's career path would dictate how mine plays out. I have been pretty much following her around the country as she works toward her life long career goals. It has been tough for me turning down multiple offers for "better" jobs over the years, but I am happy with the direction my life is going.


                  Checking in from Coeur d' Alene Idaho. We're in the middle of a three week vacation. It's been many years since we took one this long. First was Texas to visit DW's relatives. Then it was on to the Grand Canyon. Did a run from  the rim to Phantom Ranch and back which went well. Now we're up in northern Idaho. So far we've ridden some on the rail trails, did a 200 mile jet boat tour of Hells Canyon yesterday and today will ride The Route of the Hiawatha rail trail. Over all though it's been eating too much and not moving enough. Gonna have to work off a few extra pounds when I get back.


                  QOTD: Not really. I had wanted to have my own trucking business and truck repair shop, which I did for a while. For reasons that are too involved to go into now I sold the business and moved into the medical field. It was a successful move in many ways and there is no way of knowing if I would have been as successful had I stayed in the trucking business. Most likely I would have been, I just would have been too busy to spend time with my family. Recently I was going to go back to school to redirect my career but decided not to. It's more important now for me to have some play time. I've spent far too much of my life working hard, chasing the dollar. It's time to work to live, not live to work.


                     It's more important now for me to have some play time. I've spent far too much of my life working hard, chasing the dollar. It's time to work to live, not live to work.




                    Gator eye

                      Rest day.


                      QOTD: I wanted to be a mtwarden when I grew up but never followed through. In real life I ve been with the same company for over 20 years. Started at the bottom and work my way to the top, now that I'm on top I found I hate it. I'm getting older and really starting to value my free time over personal gain. Wife said welcome to your mid-life crisis. I made up my mind to leave this job and explore other career fields, so far nothing strikes my fancy except time off and doing what I want.  Move over mtwarden, Lace is livin my dream now.


                        6.7 on road/rail trail this morning.


                        QOTD:  never had a lifelong career dream, but I enjoy what I'm doing and think I made decent choices along the way.

                          Plan on 6 after work.


                          QOTD I went to college for visual arts photography, then I thought my life would be better suited following Grateful Dead around. I was never quite sure what I wanted to do, but I am quite content where I'm at now. I work at a four star hotel doing ground maintenance, and I also have a side business doing landscaping, which I love doing and it's great exercise!




                            Nice photo lace.


                            qotd:  As of yesterday, I have 35 years with the company I work for.  Wow, that's crazy!!!  But it's a great company and it has been good.  I've moved around a lot and we are world-wide (lots of travel), so it is always interesting.  I'm a Naval Architect/Marine Engineer and that was my major in school so I guess I had a plan...   I'm at the point where I'm able to plan lots of time for family and running, so it's good.

                            Texas Treasure Quest 12 hour - May 20


                            2/3rds training

                              Six easy miles on the trails turned into a painful IT band ordeal.  Leftover damage from the dirty German 50k I suppose.  Got some ice and massage on it afterwards though so hopefully if I keep after it it will go away.


                              QOTD:  I've bounced around a few different fields since finishing two years of college.  Welded, taught ESL in Europe, now cook in one of the more successful restaurants in Flagstaff.  Doesn't pay well but the hours are somewhat conducive to training and doing fun stuff in the mountains.


                              Faster Than Your Couch!

                                While Field Day was fun, my run did not turn out so well. The first 2.5 miles were fast and fun, then it turned into "Misery in Motion". Slow, exhausting, and I even had to walk some stretches (that trail is virtually FLAT 


                                So I cut the planned 8.25 miles short and made it 7.


                                I am not sure how to continue. Today, my legs were just very tired and hurt. I have a lot of DOMS, something I've never had in the last 10 or 15 years just from ramping up or coming back from injury/illness.



                                Is this age related? (No, can't be!)

                                Wrong training plan? (No plan, just adding 1-2 miles each run to the previous distance, and it's day 4)

                                Too much strength exercises? (2x50 squats two days ago, I used to do 4x65 pre-pneumonia)

                                Not enough stretching? (OK, let's face it, I've become stiff like a broomstick over the last couple weeks due to slacking)


                                Ideas, anyone?

                                Run for fun.