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    Morning all,


    Up bright and early today, I'm running a trail half at 8 AM. I am pretty excited just to get out on some new trails....which is pretty much the only reason I signed up for this race.


    QOTD: What's your pre-race routine? Breakfast, coffee, etc? Any superstitions?


    I eat a bagel, 1/2 with peanut butter & jelly, the other half with cream cheese and jelly. I always drink coffee as well. My stuff is laid out the night before in case I wake up late, which happened for my last race. I like listening to very calming music while eating breakfast.

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      Good Morning,


      6 miles before sunrise, it was wonderful. Now off to work.


      T&C: Good luck for your race, and do memorize those new trails!


      QOTD: If I don't have to drive far, I wake up about 3 hours before the start, have my usual triple portion of oatmeal for breakfast, and hope to get my potty duty done. For local races, I don't bother laying out my gear, I just take what I would use for a normal run.

      If I have to drive farther, I have everything layed out and packed the night before, and most of my stuff in the car already. I often bring my breakfast along in a thermos container, so that I can have it in the car or at the site of the race. I wear my running clothes already on the drive, but have some comfy clothes for after the race (but I usually don't bother changing once I've finished, but it gives me some extra motivation).


      Anyone else racing this weekend? Good luck to all racers!

      Run for fun.

        I ran a nice 6 miles of trails.  Marley decided to sit it out.


        Tallahassee, Florida


          20 miles around north London this morning, included Hampsted Heath and the Grand Union Canal to the east near Canary Warf. About 55 deg and rain the whole way, great running weather.  Loved it.


          Now I have to suffer through a long flight today and this evening.

          Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

            5.3 this morning


            Trails, hope you have a great race!


            QOTD I always have my coffee and a bagel with peanut butter, banana, and honey on race morning, Not superstitious,(cough cough) however I wear my lucky yellow shirt and shorts, and I always listen to The Persuasions cd on way to race,either the tribute to Grateful Dead or U2. (sorry on my phone or I'd put a link, definitely worth looking for these guys.)


              Ahhh . . .  Saturday.  After getting a call to go back to work last night to edit & file a last minute brief, I'm glad it's the weekend.  And I don't plan on answering my phone.  3 hours of lawn mowing are in order for today.  Afterward, I will do some hiking in the hills with my SO where we will take some nice photos of her with the baby belly.


              QOTD:  A bowl of cereal with a banana 2 hours before I run.  Multiple trips to the bathroom.  But then, that's pretty much what I do before any morning run.  I used to have a cup of coffee before morning runs & races, but I kicked that habit in February.




                Killed the run yesterday because my dog gave me the saddest eyes when I was getting dressed. So I spent some time with her instead.


                QOTD: Is looking up information about the race as you're heading out the door count as a routine? But I do need my coffee. 2 cups. And a piece of toast with peanut butter and honey. But that's every morning. I'm such a race-greenhorn, maybe over time I'll develop some quirky habit.


                  DW and I did 7 miles on a beautiful trail behind a reservoir.  Nice creek most of the way below the spillway.  It was hot and sticky, and I had to carry a stick in front of me to break the cobwebs.  The price you pay for being first ones on the trail.  The stick looked like cotton candy by the time I was done.





                  QOTD :  I always like to get to the race very early.  I change in the car, hydrate and will eat one Pop-Tart (any flavor).  It's the only time I ever eat Pop-Tarts, but I've been doing it for over 20 years, so yes, it is a ritual and/or superstition.


                    Ran about 15 yesterday.


                    I am organizing a hike for our intern program, and a colleague came by the check out the route. He loved the beauty of the trails, but was not quite ready for the hills in Wunderlich Park, so we hiked a decent bit. That gave me 10 before work, then we finally got one project on the verge of closing, so I ran another 5 after work


                    Today I had some heavy legs but did a great ride to the coast through the redwoods, about 40 miles and 4,000 feet of vertical in 2.5 hours.


                    Tomorrow hoping to run to the top of Mt. Tam for the first time. Still nursing my ankle/achilles but I am hopeful. It's time to get it on or go home!

                    running under the BigSky

                      I survived my first 50k (barely), my DW survived her first 30k (much better post race condition than me- same w/ the last race! Big grin)


                      qotd: I get my stuff together the night before, bowl of granola w/ fruit, toast or a breakfast bread, glass of juice- identical breakfast that I eat about every day, usually just one cup of coffee- new to running and races so no rituals- yet Smile

                      Brian Runner

                        Did an easy 5 with some friends Saturday morning. Promised myself.... no runs over 10 miles in the coming week.