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    Morning trailers.  I was away all last week on lovely Hilton Head Island.  Had a few good runs on the beach and bike "trails".  Got in an 18 miler with DW where our total elevation gain was a whopping 19 feet.  All in all, I rather have the hills.


    Today heading out for 12 rocky, hilly miles.  I miss my trails.


    QOTD:  I know we all have different exposure to trails, so what do you consider your favorite trail condition?  By that, I mean single track, double, tow path, fire road, smooth, rocky, flat, hilly etc.


    I love a rocky, hilly, single track trail.  It's my go-to run when I need to get out in the woods.

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      AT- Hilton Head is nice. I'm jealous.


      Just got in from a 6 mile run and a circuit training workout at the gym. I'm going easy for the rest of the week so I can be somewhat rested for my race this weekend. I'm working a half day then taking a red eye to Nashville tonight, then on to Baton Rouge tomorrow, then taking a flight to California so I can meet Jo before the race. It should be a fun weekend.


      QOTD: Technical single track FO SHO!


        Forgot to add a pic of our welcoming committee.  This 9 footer was off the back deck of our Timeshare.  Wasn't there a discussion about gaitors, or was that gaiters?





          SRD for me today, may cross-train at the gym if I have time.


          QOTD:  My favorite trails have variety - runnable, rolling single and double track with some challenging technical sections to mix it up.  I don't like flat, easy trails, but I also don't like to feel like I'm climbing or fighting with rocks the whole run.


            Good morning all! Nothing yet today, was too jammed up and ticked off at work and needed a day off anyway yesterday so nothing then either. Will take the Lady out to Green Lane tonight for an hour long run on the trails.


            QOTD: Single track, mix of hills, rocks, but I like the hills to be long, not short and steep. Best conditions are slightly damp to keep off the dust with just a few patches of mud to get dirty in, but not shoe sucking mud. I think I have just described French Creek Park where I normally run.

            In dog beers, I've only had one.

              Morning all -


              Planning on 8 miles after work. I did 4 last night followed by Yin Yoga. Not sure how I felt about the Yin. I usually practice Vinyasa, so the slower pace of Yin threw me for a loop. Definitely stretched my poor hips though!


              QOTD:  As much fun as the rocky PA trails are, I love a nice smooth single track. I like looking around at scenery more than staring at the ground the whole time. Hills are fun too.

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                Morning folks!

                My weeks is off to an awful start with regards to running. Grand total of 4 miles between today and yesterday.

                Hoping tomorrow will be much better.

                I did take our bigger dog out for a little run yesterday. That was interesting. I think we both need a lot more practice before it becomes a regular thing.


                QOTD: not a huge fan of fire roads, but I'll take anything else. Preferably shaded by a bit of tree cover.

                Le professeur de trail

                  Hour at the gym this morning.


                  QOTD: I like a variety.  It is the spice of life afterall.  I like going from single track to fire roads/logging roads, to rail trail, to hills, flats, rolling, steep, creeks, all in the same run.  It makes things interesting.  Some trails around here are just ridiculous with the rocks so somewhere in the middle is ok as far as rocks and roots.


                  Have a great day!

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                    Morning everyone. I'm still nursing the toe. Going to do some cross training today at the gym and giving running a try tomorrow morning.


                    qotd: technicial single track, rolling hills.

                    running under the BigSky

                      morning all!  strength training on tap today


                      qotd: tough question, if I had to pick a favorite it would I'd have to say no trail- a route along a ridge top for views; there is something very primal about running along a long ridge line w/ no trail


                      to be honest, I haven't found too many trails I didn't enjoy- occasionally too much snow/ice or mud, but what are you going to do Smile


                        Weights, core, and elliptical happening this morning followed by a 14 miler on the roads. Our trails right now are a disaster with ice, snow, mud, and standing water. I think we are about 3 weeks behind a normal spring.


                        I'm heading north this evening to tap a bunch of Maples. Kinda of the hunter/gatherer thing. A late spring up there so it may be a short run of sap, we'll see. In any event it's a lot of work but oh so fun. And there is still about 18" of snow to contend with. So I'll be off-line for awhile again but just try to visualize an old coot sitting in an adirondack chair with a craft brew watching sap boil on the evaporator while pileated woodpeckers keep him awake. Cool    Pure Maple syrup really is one of natures treats.



                        QOTD- Hilly, rocky, twisty, single track--around here known as Blue Mounds. But I agree with TrailsnCocktails so for my real long runs I do look for something a little smoother to just be able to run long and relaxed like at Gov. Dodge park.


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                          Good Morning,


                          Back again from the MD "vacation" over the Passover/Easter holidays. It was fun, and I even got a run in with a local "guide", runtraildc. We had a lot of fun exploring trails and town paths with the kids (the two bike riders got all covered in mud, and they loved it!). Thanks for the wonderful tour!


                          Heading out for some miles in the hills, although I am a bit apprehensive, as there is still a lot of snow on the mountain, and temps are freezing. I think these hills are turning into a glacial landscape this year.


                          AT: Nice flat trail, not easy to find in my area. When you mentioned the "9-footer", I thought you were talking about a new boat... the gator looks very happy, though, sure you did not push an unsuspecting passer-by in its way for breakfast, to keep yourself safe??


                          lace_up: Tuesday, and you are already talking about this weekend's race - you sure have your priorities straight!


                          DD2: Enjoy the day off, or the XT!


                          T&C: As I have never been in a yoga class, I marvel and wonder about all those different types of yoga. If it was for me, I'd prefer the Vino yoga class, though!


                          Birdwell: Rest is grossly underrated. Following your description, the workout with the big dog may perhaps count as 10 miles power spurts!


                          Jamie: Good morning workout! You're back in the routine, good for you!


                          Tmo: It always surprises me how such a small thing as a toe can cause so much pain. Hope you'll get it to cooperate soon again!


                          warden: Enjoy some strengthening later!


                          Harrier: Sounds like a wonderful nature break - not THAT nature break! Blush


                          QOTD: Usually I prefer my technical, rocky, rooty, hilly PA single track trails, with a tenth of a mile of sunny, grassy trail thrown in every 15 miles for recovery. A few muddy patches for a change every now and then.

                          Gravel road when I've had enough of the trails.


                          Enjoy the day, trailers!

                          Run for fun.


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                            I ran about 8 yesterday very nice and easy.  I plan on doing 6 tonight.


                            I came across this at that other place and thought of Lace Up's race report




                            QOTD: Whichever trail I'm running on is my favorite I guess.

                            6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                            A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man


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                              I ran about 8 yesterday very nice and easy.  I plan on doing 6 tonight.


                              I came across this at that other place and thought of Lace Up's race report




                              QOTD: Whichever trail I'm running on is my favorite I guess.

                              That dude is a liar. He was throwing rocks at it, yelling and rattling the chain link fence. He got exactly what he deserved. Five minutes after he got hit by the buffalo, we all ran within 20 feet of it and it didn't care about us at all. I run with the buffalo all the time and have never had an issue with them. Of course, I don't behave like a jackass around them either.

                              Holden McGruyen

                                 Seasonal allergies are f-ing me up this week. It makes me want to seal up indoors despite being 60F and sunny out.  Booooo


                                QOTD: I like relatively flat singletrack but any dirt is good dirt.

                                I'm Holden McGruyen. Would you like to join me?