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Better late than never Fridaily. (Read 30 times)


    It's a SRD for me (all Friday's usually are) so just popped in to found no activity.


    Hope everyone is out enjoying the trails.  We have a long flat run planned for tomorrow,  I got DW motivated when I reminded her it's only 5 months until our next 24 hr event.


    QOTD:  What day do you prefer to do your long run?  In the winter I use Saturday, but during the spring and summer I do my long run on Tuesday since trails and logging roads are virtually empty on those days.  As I get closer to a race, I'll switch to whatever day of the week the race will be held (Sat or Sun)

      Marley and I had a nice chilly 7 mile trail run this morning.


      QOTD: Since I only run for the joy of it and have no other real goals, I generally just run whatever distance I feel like on any given day.


      Tallahassee, Florida

        Plan on 5 after work, then taking my son out for BBQ!


        QOTD I work every weekend so I do my long on Tuesday when I'm off, it's nice to have the trails to myself.


          SRD here too.  Plan to do 20 tomorrow.  I did the 100 on Dec 7th and then I'm doing the local marathon on Jan 19th, so I'm sort of in a recovery/ramp-up phase.  I should be doing speedwork right about now, but screw that... my plan is to kind of do the marathon "low key" this year.


          qotd: Saturdays.

          Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

            Driving...9 hours .....

            Qotd:  Sunday...then I chill Monday:

            08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

            08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler



            Faster Than Your Couch!

              Happy lunch hour, or coffee break, if you like. Got out yesterday in the late afternoon, and it was a strangely funny run. As the two or three inches of fluff have been squished down, the access road to my trail was quite slippery, so on that first half mile of my run, I saw four different car tracks swerving, then leading directly into the ditch, or against a tree. Additionally, I saw two cars lying in the ditch, one abandoned, the other one with the driver in it, desperately waiting for a tow truck. When I returned one and a half hours later, he was still there. When I asked him, he told me the towing company had refused to come out and get him?? I offered him a ride home, but he said he had alredy someone coming with a Jeep to pull him out. I don't think that could possibly have worked, considering how slick the road was and that it was only getting colder still. And as I stood there, pondering the options, another car came by, far too fast for these conditions, and while I was just. Commenting on that, the car started swerfing a d slipping toward the guardrail, touching it. The driver got out and started cursing the road - quite heavily. So of course the I drove home very cautiously. It felt much safer running in my Yaktrax than driving in my car. Still at work, maybe a run later. QOTD: as my work hours are irregular, and I work almost every weekend, there is no dedicated day for my long run. I squeeze it in either when I feel like it, or when I have the time for it.

              Run for fun.

              Occasional Runner

                7 trail miles with a ton of vert and deep snow. It's a beautiful day in the Wasatch.


                QOTD: Whenever the mood strikes.

                Gator eye

                  10 early morning miles no headlight needed, the fresh snow just sucks light from nowhere, the only time I switched on the light was in a few rutted up places that the snow hasn't filled in.


                  QOTD: I like to go long early Saturday morning but lately with the extreme cold and the amount of snow going long is a real PITA.

                  Le professeur de trail

                    No running, no workout, just chillin' at home trying to clean up after Christmas.


                    Couch - that poor guy sat in his car that long? That stinks.


                    QOTD: Saturdays are really the only day it works for me but even those are tough nowadays.

                    The incarnation of peacefulness and patience




                      Ran a bit under 4 yesterday. Which seems to be the distance I'm comfortable at right now. Back to work for me today.


                      QOTD: I work weekends. So generally my long run(when I'm doing a long run) is on Wed or Thur. That being said, I don't work til 2. So if my long run is anything under 13 or so miles I can get it done on a work day if I want to, I just take the risk of being physically tired at a physically demanding job.


                      Have a good day!


                        Happy Friday on the short work week!  I brought my running shoes to work with me and although I'm working late, I'll be running home in the dark.  5-ish miles, probably.


                        QOTD:  Any day I can get out to do a long run is a good day to do a long run.


                        2/3rds training

                          Another one of us that works weekends, but I usually have Fridays off.  Which meant today was a long run.  One of the great things about living in Flagstaff is that it takes a mere 30-45 minutes (depending on which TH you go to) to escape the cold pine-y winter of 7000 feet in exchange for the dry, warm desert/slickrock sunshine of Sedona at just below 4000 ft.  Leave Flag in a down coat with a hot cup of joe and step out on the trails in 50 degrees and sunshine.


                          So that's what I did today.  Ran in shorts (!) for nearly 21 miles of rocky backcountry barely-used-by-cowboys and cattle trails.  Rough, rocky and, best of all, dusty instead of snowy.


                            Got down from Tahoe last night and am flying up to Seattle tonight for some more skiing there. This year is ending really well with skiing eight out of the last ten days.


                            QOTD: Usually I do my 3-hour long run on Thursday nights. With small kids it is easier to do it after work that ask a favor of my wife during the weekend.

                            3/8 Way Too Cool 50k WNS

                            4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k