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Who is in for 14 miles on New Year's Day? (Read 55 times)

running under the BigSky

    has been a tradition the last couple of years, I've got a great 14 miler planned for Wednesday- anyone else?



    Refurbished Hip

      I've got a 5 mile race on tap.  I just wanted the pint glass that came with registration.


      2/3rds training

        sounds good to me.


        Thread killer ..

          I have 20 planned . We usually snowshoe on New years Day but there isn't any snow to speak of .


          Faster Than Your Couch!

            I'm in. Oh wait, wasn't it exactly these words that got me in trouble just a bit over a year ago... But still, count me in. Should be worth it. Maybe we all can post a few pictures of our run afterwards?

            Run for fun.


              I always volunteer at a local marathon on New Year's day.  It's run on the local greenbelts in our town.  (Here's a link: )


              I'll go for a run afterwards, so it may as well be 14.  Count me in.

              Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


              Endless trails

                I'll do 10 and owe you 4, no wait put me down for 14.


                  If I'm feeling better I'm in. We are supposed to get 4" to 6" more of that white stuff. Maybe I'll ski 14k instead.


                  Hey Warden, how far did you run on New Years day in 1999?   

                  running under the BigSky

                    Maybe we all can post a few pictures of our run afterwards?

                    great idea- bring your cameras Smile


                    NH- good thing I didn't get into running until 2012! Big grin

                    Le professeur de trail

                      I'll be with you guys in spirit....


                      No running for me...well maybe I could do 14 feet?!?!

                      The incarnation of peacefulness and patience




                        I was planning 10 depending on how I feel.

                          I would have been in but planning to Mt Bike...more than 14.  I will be in the woods.  I will post a picture somewhere around the 14 mile point. 

                          08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

                          08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler




                            Actually was planning on 10 yesterday, got back toy car and did another 4 on the Appalachian Trail. (Hope it's not bad luck to do a day early because I'm stuck at work today)


                            Endless trails

                              14 trail miles for me, including the first fall of the new year. Lots of

                              resolutioners out on the trails today, even with temps in the 20's.

                              Sorry, no pics, I was traveling light today.

                                14 miles!! Not the best picture but a favorite part of the trail, single track that snakes.

                                Happy New Year everyone!!!!

                                08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

                                08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler