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    The pooch and I had a slippery muddy 7 mile trail run.


    Tallahassee, Florida


      Got in 5 this morning before the 'searing' heat is supposed to settle in.  With all the talk on the forum about piriformis issues, mine starting acting up like a 3 year old.  Good reminder that I haven't been doing enough strength training and yoga.  Back to the gym, I guess.


      qotd- pass.


        The Pointer and I had a wet 4 miles. I love it when I get up and run the first thing in the morning. It makes my day a good is just difficult to get myself out the door. Procrastination is an ugly habit....but at my age it is just one of my charming idiosyncrasies. Happy trails to all!

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          Happy Retirement Trail Tromper!

          Refurbished Hip

            And how's the first day of retirement, TT?


            We're getting major flooding and rain here in Madison lately.  No biking to work for me.  However, I did get out with the dog for 4 miles last night on the trail.  I saw a Subaru in the parking lot and thought it might be NorthernHarrier, but it had a Tough Mudder sticker and a 13.1 sticker, so I knew it wasn't him.


            QOTD: Hmmm, should we get into a political debate today?  I will be watching the news closely this morning...


              8 trail miles last night...some sun and mid80s but not bad running at all, was a bit tired the last couple miles but still could have picked the pace up if I wanted.  Just had a nice steady run.



              Thinking 6/7 after work.


              Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.

                And how's the first day of retirement, TT?


                Great.  I am starting to plan and repack food for my upcoming JMT hike.


                QOTD: Hmmm, should we get into a political debate today?  I will be watching the news closely this morning...


                I'd rather not Smile


                Tallahassee, Florida

                running under the BigSky

                  JMT should be great!


                  6 miles along the Yellowstone, tried pushing the pace a bit and felt pretty good Smile


                  qotd: do you wear gaiters?  I neglected to wear gaiters (as did my DW) my last race as it was along an old railroad bed- no single track, that turned out to be a mistake as we both got small pebbles in our shoes, forcing a stop and shake out- it was one of the rare times I didn't wear them and wish I had


                    Today I was up very early for some work stuff so just stayed up and drove over to French Creek just past sunrise with LadyB. She was awfully excited to get in a morning run. We opted for a shorter version of my evening loop so just 6.5 humid, deer fly, sweat infused miles. I think I set some sort of deer fly swatting PR, probably killing hundreds of the damn things as they nibbled my sweaty naked torso (oops forgot TMI alert). The run pretty much stunk (deer flies, slippery rocks, humid foggy/sweat stained glasses) until we hit the top of the hill by the campground with 2 miles to go. The flies let up, the glasses cleared up, and the trail ran downhill. It made up for the previous lousy mile. Highlights of our run included a blue heron sighting flying low in stealth mode over the lightly fog covered Scott's Run Lake, and a grouse flying about in the woods causing a racket. Oh, and a tree or large branch fell in the forest and we were there to hear it. I am glad it did not fall on our heads.


                    QOTD: political debate. no thanks. but yay for that. Gaiters. Never wore them. They taste like chicken.

                    In dog beers, I've only had one.


                      Run at lunch on the roads.  Pretty hot and humid today.  Nice storms last night with branches and trees down all over.  I'll hit the trails tomorrow looking for any new blow downs.


                      TT - Happy Retirement!


                      QOTD #1 - No Politics or Religion talks for me.  But very happy for some of my friends.


                      QOTD #2 - I wear gaiters on any run with gravel or pebbles.  I've been using Dirty Girl Gaiter's for years and still have my original orange camouflage pair.


                      Follower of Forrest

                        Missed my run yesterday...the end is in sight for the long work days.  My running plan is not in agreement with all this OT but my wallet is.


                        7 today rain or shine....have to do it.


                        QOTD: I don't own any and I have never seen the need for the anything I've ever run on.  I'm sure someday I'll be wishing I had them, but that hasn't happened yet.

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                        Refurbished Hip

                          Sigh.  You guys are no fun Wink  (Kidding, kidding!) I'm ecstatic about the news.  And I wear gaiters for races, but typically not for training.


                            I woke up to rain at about 4 a.m. and laid there listening to just a torrential downpour for the next couple hours. Wow. Then I fell back asleep and kinda slept in. Wasted the good morning hours I think. At least my basement is dry, yay.

                            I think I'll head out to do the 10k loop on the roads around Wingra this morning once I finish my coffee. BTW--it is a proven fact: without coffee, nothing happens. Smile


                            Mandy--funny. I have DNF stickers on both our cars. What parking lot? Donald?


                            TrailTromper- Good for you. Enjoy.


                            QOTD  1--I assume you're talking about Aaron Hernandez finally getting arrested. Thug.    Oh, maybe not huh? I only read the sports page, sorry.  Big grin


                            QOTD 2- I only wear gaitors  while snowshoeing or backcountry skiing.  During a run I actually enjoy stopping to remove gravel. Forces me to take a break so to speak and eat or drink.

                              Hey all -


                              Decided to play hooky today, but I'm having some "woman" issues (TMI) so it's warranted. Regardless, I'm planning to get out for a few miles at some's supposed to be a 100 degree heat index in Philly today, so maybe on the treadmill. I'm quite sore from 2 nights of ultimate frisbee in a row + a Monday run.


                              QOTD: Good decision SCOTUS. Also, I do not wear gaiters.

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                                8.8 miles in the woods yesterday.  Planning about 7 this evening.


                                QOTD - No gaiters.  Never really saw the need where I run.

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