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Faster Than Your Couch!

    Good Morning,


    Ready to head out into the Turkish Sauna - plenty humid and very warm, I bet the mosquitoes and flies are already waiting for me!

    Planning on a shorter, faster run today, maybe a hill included.


    QOTD: Any particular trails in your area that you avoid during the summer? Reason?


    Me: "Rattlesnake Mountain", aka Bald Knob mountain. Because of the lots of rattlesnakes there, which come out in June through September. They are nearly impossible to spot in time when they bask underneath the blueberry bushes, and the trails are terribly overgrown in summer.

    Run for fun.

    Occasional Runner

      6 mountain miles with the pup this morning. It was a bit cooler, so it felt great. We've been running in the dark without a headlamp, so the pup has been learning to stay closer to me because she gets a little freaked out if she doesn't know exactly where I am when we're in the mountains. I think it's good for her.


      QOTD: I don't run out on Antelope Island in the summer because the bugs are really bad around the Salt Lake. Plus, it smells nasty out there during the summer.


      Have a great day, everyone!


        Got in just under 4 last night in our turkish sauna here.  Must of looked as if I was suffering as an older gentleman applauded me when I passed by his car.  I will get in yesterday's strength workout in today.


        qotd:  Yes, but mostly because of a seasonal schedule change.  I often fit in my runs during my kid's swim practices-- and they have a school year pool, and a different summer pool with decent trails by both.  I'm heading out to one of the school year trails this sunday, though, so I can see the mtn laurel that I usually miss.  I hope I'm not too late for this year.

          It was a sticky morning for our 4 mile trail run. There was a nice breeze on top of the hills that provided some relief. The trail was fairly firm despite the flash flooding last night.


          QOTD:  I try to avoid runs without shade or water for Marley.


          Tallahassee, Florida

          running under the BigSky

            another beautiful morning- beanie weather!  43 degrees and cloudy- perfect running weather; got 6 miles in w/ ~ 1800' of elevation


            qotd: I'll try and avoid the more popular trails this time of year or run them at 5:30 AM Big grin


              Easy 3.2 early this morning. This week has been pretty screwed up with having time to run because of storms and work related stuff. Legs felt a little stiff the first mile, but things loosened up well after that. Morning temps were cool at 66 and humidity wasn't quite as bad as it has been. I wish I had more time to run this morning, but that is how it goes sometimes.


              QOTD: I avoid the high ridge at the Clark Creek Natural Area because of the number of rattlesnakes through the canebrakes there. I am not particularly afraid of snakes, but I don't like to be surprised. And I cannot afford to be sidelined by a nasty bite. I can get the climbing I need done on the other parts of the trail that are more open.


                Morning folks!

                Taking a day off.


                QOTD: In my immediate area, summer is the best time to get to most places. We have enough open space that I rarely run into other trail users unless I'm inside the National Parks.

                I will avoid a few of the National park trails due to a high number of users in the summer. You couldn't pay me to do Angels Landing on a Saturday in the summer (well, o.k., you could pay me, I just wouldn't be thrilled about it, unless you payed me a lot)


                Endless trails

                  Morning folks!

                  Taking a day off.

                  Good for you, the rest will probably do you good.


                  I was on the trail by 6:15, which is early for me, and just had an awesome run. I was planning an
                  easy 6 out n' back, but was having such a good run I decided to hit the 6 mile hilly loop. By the end I was
                  flying effortlessly over the rocks and roots.


                  QOTD: I run the same trails, but avoid certain times of the day. If I don't get my Saturday LR done by

                  about noon, I'm bobbing an weaving through the families with little kiddies on the trail. Now, during

                  hunting season, I'm avoiding just about all trails.


                    Spending the day at work and the legs are feeling a little tired so it's a good time to take a rest day.


                    QOTD: Anything that gets too overgrown and I don't have the time to clean it up. Again it's all because of those stupid rattlesnakes and copperheads.


                      Another 6 miles at the Percy Warner Park (a little south of Nashville).  I great little trail, but it's not long enough, it's a 4.5 mi loop but I added one of the connector trails to/from the car to get the 6 mi.  It kind of reminds me of a much smaller version of FTYC's trails in central PA.  Here's a little Tennessee trail porn from the loop.....   just like some of that "Nashville Hot Chicken", some sweet bits and some fire...






                      qotd:  not really avoiding trails as much as avoiding the summer heat, we tend to start at 4:30 to 6:00 in order to done by 8:30am or so.

                      Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

                        I ran 2.5 miles up and then 2.7 down for 5.2 with a view of Mt Shasta on the way down.


                        qotd: no, but one popular trail I hate running too late as Earl will consistently pull on the leash as there is always another dog's butt in front of us to smell.

                        08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

                        08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler



                          Morning all!


                          Got out for an early 8 miles with the dog this morning. The morning runs have been kind of a drag this week, but it works best to get it done early. If I'm lucky I may get out for some trail miles this evening if my wife gets home early enough.


                          QOTD: I mostly avoid the desert trails out my backdoor in the summer. I worry about my dog finding a rattlesnake to play with, as the trails get grown in with grasses and weeds in the summer so it's hard to spot the little creatures.


                            URD for me today.  Had a student shadowing me at work, and things ran long.  Date night with DW tonight.  Going to see "Meet Me in St. Louis" (1944) on the big screen at out local artsy theater.


                            QOTD:  Any trail with asphalt or crushed gravel on it.   As in C&O, Rails to Trails or bike paths.  Too busy in the summer, so I stay away.


                            I don't mind the rattlesnakes (I can hear them), it's the copperheads that I try to avoid, so I stay away from Sunset Rocks Trail (jamezilla, you went over this on first climb in Ironmaster), it's loaded with copperheads sunning themselves on the rocks and hiding in the cracks.


                              Yikes! You all have treacherous reasons for avoiding some of your trails! Rattlesnakes? Copperheads? All I have to worry about are a few million mosquitos and so.e deerflies. Nothing that is bad enough to keep me off a trail. I  do avoid places without water for my dog when I run with her.


                              No run today. Work and a family drama kept me away. Hopi g for better luck tomorrow.

                              Endurance Guy

                              Pain cave junkie

                                17 trail miles around Mammoth Mountain over the last day and a half.  Could have used some oxygen but the terrific food and cocktails made up for the extra CO2 production.  Carry on.