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It's a New Year Tuesdailies! (Read 198 times)

    Morning (okay, afternoon here) all! I figured I was going to make today another rest day, since I was up late last night and I believe there was alcohol involved. But I felt fine when I woke up, and it was above freezing--above freezing!--and seemed to be switching back and forth from rain to snow...and sleet is mega-points in the winter running game I'm in. So I got out for a 32-minute run to celebrate the new year. It was a little icy and slushy in parts, but in general the wet snow gave good traction. Felt good.


    QOTD: Did you try any new drinks on New Year's Eve? We went to the house of a friend who loves beer and is working his way through a book called something like "1001 Beers to Try." Tried a Belgian ale, a Belgian lambic, and a French beer I'd never had before. And three types of sparkling wine. If there hadn't been so much food involved, I'd be in much worse shape this morning.


    Happy New Year!

    Occasional Runner

      Good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a great evening and stayed safe.


      Heading out later for a 13 mile new years run with the running group. We'll be hitting the snow covered trails up in the Wasatch. We're going to have a little holiday party after the run. It should be a great day.


      QOTD: I didn't drink much and didn't drink anything new or unusual.


        Happy New Year, everyone.


        So, I was way off on my time for the prediction run last night, but that's OK with me since I was 3 minutes faster than my predicted time.  I've got a 10K today, and the rumors on weather dot com are that there might actually be some sunshine for that!


        QOTD:  I rarely drink alcohol, and have never done so on the last day of the year.  Last night I had water & tea.


        majope:  Sleet is awful to run in.  Which team are you on in the winter game?


        lace_up:  Sounds like a perfect start to a new year.   Have a great time.

        running under the BigSky

          good morning and Happy New Year everyone!


          was going to head for the hills for an 8 miler, but I like lace-ups idea of a 13 for the New Year- so I may just have to do that Big grin


          qotd: the only thing I had to drink last night (save water) was a smoothie after lifting Smile  there is a new Leinenkugel at the store I haven't tried yet, so maybe this afternoon while taking in a few bowl games

            Happy new year! Today is usually a cross training day for me, but my brother in law is in town, so I may drag him along for a quick 6 or so to see how well the army's been training him.

            QOTD: nope, and I went to bed at 9. pathetic, I know

            Le professeur de trail

              I will most likely rest today (and eat a lot) but slight chance for a run later.  I won't count on it though.


              QOTD: no


              Have a great day!


              By the way I am surprised no has started a "Running Goals for 2013" thread yet.

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                Morning!  Weegee and I are going to get some sort of run in today, just not sure where (probably Cougar).


                qotd: went to Weegee's cousin's house who was having a party.  It was pretty mellow, and I mostly stuck to champagne (and not that much).  But they also had some grapefruit vodka, so I made up my own version of a French 75 -- about a half ounce (or less) of the vodka, some fresh grapefruit juice and champagne.  It was quite tasty!

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                  First run in over a week was this morning. 4+ on the trails, and it felt good. I think the flu is on the run, finally.


                  QOTD: I drank one local stout at P.F. Changs yesterday afternoon, a Michelob Ultra, and on Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout around 11PM. Three beers over the course 12 hours, which is plenty for me when I haven't run in over a week.


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                    Happy new year! 90 minute trail run I the snow for me today.


                    QOTD: I didn't drink anything but water and a glass of milk yesterday.

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                      How else would we start the new year? Of course the pooch and I went trail running. Our run was 7 miles and much of it was on slippery off camber single track. The mud thawed enough to make the off camber stuff pretty challenging.


                      QOTD: Nope.


                      Tallahassee, Florida


                        HAPPY NEW YEAR. Not sure if I'll be able to fit a run in today. Did ok in the 5k last night, I was pushing, pulling, pleading and otherwise trying to get my SIL to meet her time goal. We missed it by about a minute, but that was because we had to swerve around too many people in the first half mile (there were about 900 runners). It was a fun - low key run and the weather wasn't too cold. Qotd: didn't drink last night but did take a sip of a lemon martini that was being served up. It was quite good.

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                          Probably some hair of the dog cycling ... I have done a bit of snowshoe running, but the ankle is still not 100% by a long shot


                          QOTD: Cremant d'Alsace (rose) (Domaine Allimant-Laugner). Excellent and far cheaper than champagne of similar quality imho.


                          My QOTD: Do I dare sign up for Leadville ... I need to kick this ankle injury and get cracking!


                            majope:  Sleet is awful to run in.  Which team are you on in the winter game?



                            Team Hypothermia. I'm in the lead for the moment, but that's not going to last once I leave Finland.


                              By the way I am surprised no has started a "Running Goals for 2013" thread yet.


                              I think we must be waiting for you to start it.  Smile

                                7 mile snowshoe run on a nice packed trail around Mauthe Lake in WI, 16deg, sunny and found a heated bathroom by the trail head, makes a nice place to take a break if need be a loop of 2.3 miles.  Bow hunters starting to fill in parking lot when got done.

                                QOTD: water and hot chocolate.