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Roll Call - Who's out there? (including lurkers like me) (Read 75 times)


    I lurk, but don't post much.


    From Northern Maryland - Run around Catoctin and sometimes make my way to PA and run in Michaux Forest.


    Eat to run, Run to eat

      Not me.


      If I were here, I'd say I was from Central NJ, due east of Trenton.

      Stone Mill 50m 11/16/13  12:42

      Febapple Frozen 50k 2/22/14  9:20:55

      DIrty German 50m 5/18/14 12:06:16



        From South-central PA (Gettysburg)


        Run in Michaux and along the Appalachian Trail.

        some call me Tim

          I lurk, but don't ever post (until now)


          From Western NY, run in various county parks and Letchworth SP

            From Southwest Utah

            Running in the Dixie National Forest and Zion National park

            Le professeur de trail

              I went from being a regular poster to...uh...I don't know what now.  I guess I lurk but just trying to keep up with everyone...


              On injured reserve.  This running stuff is over rated.


              runMD - do you (or have you) run the Catoctin 50k in July?

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                I'm an old curmudgeon living around Madison, Wi. More lurker these days. We have a variety of good trails on public lands around here plus I do a lot of recreating in northen Wi. --Vilas Co.

                Refurbished Hip

                  I oversee this joint.  Or something.


                  Running is dumb.    I should be getting my 100 continuous days of not running chip here soon.

                  Refurbished Hip

                    You lurkers should post more often.  We need some more threads other than the dailies.


                    Faster Than Your Couch!

                      From central PA. Sometimes spotted running in MD (northern D.C. area).

                      But for the most part running in the Rothrock State Forest area.

                      Run for fun.

                        I'm here but running a lot more roads than trails these days........mostly run around the streets of Philly and occasionally on trails in the area.


                        Although I am looking forward to a night hike tomorrow and catching the sunrise on the trails. 

                        My Blog:

                        I Run for Oiselle


                        Hyner 50k:  4/18/15

                        Laurel Highlands 70M: 6/13/15


                        Endless trails

                          Im not here.

                          Welcome stalkers lurkers. My name is Jon and I run.


                            From southwest CT - I run in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation (across the border in NY) and in a couple of CT state parks, and race in CT, NY and elsewhere in New England.  I generally run shorter than most of the clowns on this forum.


                              I have slunk into lurker mode as of late though I seem to be running reasonably well and in fact had my highest weekly mileage in over 4 years last week.


                              BoyJame - I have run Catoctin and volunteered there once. I sort of liked it. Definitely hard and rocky. Downhill for the most part with some uphill for the out portion. Coming back oh it's like up up and up some more. Oh, and of course it's held in the humid days of summer with a casually normal morning start time ensuring the heat of the day for everyone! Typical winning times are 5 hours.

                              In dog beers, I've only had one.



                                Phoenix area.


                                Mostly run roads but about once a week I head out to the nearest trails at the White Tanks, mountains.


                                You people, have issues.