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    Good morning! Finally! It was the longest night ever at was my last night for a while...Ihope.


    Today will be a hill repeat kind of day. Since iI run a lot on the horse trails iI don't get many hills now. My upcoming g race has lots of I have to get what hills in that I can.


    Qotd: those of you who live in flat areas but race do you get into condition for hills? The only thing I can do are repeats, but that will not be enough.


    Happy trails, everyone. I will be jealous of you mountain people while stuck doing boring repeats.


    Now...come on 0800...and with it the end of my night!

    Occasional Runner

      I logged a few easy miles of single track with the pup this morning. It was unusually warm this morning but it was a nice, casual run with my buddy.


      QOTD: We were living in Florida when I ran Leadville for the first time and I didn't do anything special for hill training. There wasn't even anywhere to run hill repeats. I just ran my normal runs and hoped for the best. Probably not the best plan.


        Good morning!  Got in a hilly, but slow, 4 miles last night.  Not too hot, but humid.  Welcome summer.    The plan for today is still TBD, but it will include strength work at the gym.


        Moonlight-- enjoy your day!


        qotd:  I live in a hilly area, but not mountainous.  When I race, it is in similar conditions.  For my purposes (trail and road races, HM or less), this works for my training.

          it's a morning.

          got in 3.6 lousy miles. The legs just weren't moving at all.


          QOTD: I wish I lived in a flat area. I am surrounded by mountains.


            3.24 this morning on the trails. I am going to have to push hard the last two weeks of the month to get my mileage over 200 for June, but I'll get it done.


            QOTD: Great question of the day because it has been on my mind a lot lately. I live in an area of Louisiana that has quite a few rolling hills, but not too far down the road is a trail system that gets about 900 to 1000 feet of gain and the same in loss in about a 6ish mile loop. I try to hit that once a month for long runs. A little further up the road, and across the Mississippi state line is an area that I can get 2050 feet of gain and the same in loss over a 4.5 mile loop. They have an improved trail that snakes down into some deep ravines that connects to a primitive, single track trail that makes a large loop and reconnects with the improved trail. The problem with that second area is that the best part of the run in through a lot of switch cane, which is a place rattlesnakes like to hang out. I don't fear snakes, but I do respect them a great deal. And you really can't see where you are stepping through that switch cane because it really thick, despite there being a trail there. However, the section from the improved trail goes down for about 850 to 900 feet in a little over a mile and the same back up. So, I'll be hitting that pretty often for some repeats in the next month or so and just stay on the improved trail. I really can't afford to be sidelined from a rattlesnake or cottonmouth bite. Plus, if you get bit back that far, it is going to be sketchy coming out of there. Also, I think a lot of people underestimate the importance of the downhills. They really do more to break you down than the ups, at least for me.


              4 miles in 90% humidity this AM. It was one of those runs where you feel like you're in slow motion and never get moving. Well, it's done.


              QOTD: No hills in my vicinity, but I do hill repeats on bridges during the week, or drive to a place nearby where there are hills on weekends.

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                I was glad the pooch and I got out early because it was already pretty sticky for our five mile trail run.  There were a couple spots where there was a pool of cooler air laying in a fold of the land.  It was especially nice where there was a cool stretch on a long uphill.


                QOTD: Plenty of hills here, but no high elevations.


                Tallahassee, Florida


                  Will run at lunch, after taking the day off yesterday.  Won a small 10K trail race on Sunday - wasn't the fastest person out there, as there were two guys in front of me that were running the half marathon version of the same race, but still felt good to win (and beat a guy that beat me a few weeks ago as part of the same race series).  Course was fun, pretty runnable single track and some fire roads.


                  QOTD:  I train and race on similar trails - lots of up and down, but not seriously tough climbing.  I still get schooled on the downhills - not sure how to train myself to be faster on those, other than learning to abandon all caution and just bomb it.


                  Endless trails

                    Morning folks,


                    I had a nice 5 miler in the rain this morning, dew point into the 60's.


                    QOTD: My next race is a little hilly too. I don't have actual elevation here but I have

                    enough short, steep hills to work those climbing muscles. I also practice running

                    downhill, there's a huge training gain that I think some folks underestimate. Ideally
                    I'd like to be back to the training routes in CA, where every run had a element of elevation.

                    running under the BigSky

                      Morning Trailers!  Gorgeous morning, 49 degrees and a hint of a breeze.  Plenty of wildflowers and saw a small bachelor herd of mule deer.  Got a good 6 miles in w/ plenty of elevation.


                      qotd: when I lived in Miles City (SE Montana) I had some decent hills, but no mountains.  I tried to include those as frequently as I could.  Now I have no shortage of elevation to take advantage of  Smile

                      Refurbished Hip

                        Bike commute to work today, as it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  Only a few stupid cars this morning, but it mostly a peaceful ride.


                        QOTD: The biggest hills I can find around here are around a 600' gain in a mile.  It's not the mountains, but it would work for hill training.  The nice thing about living in Madison is that we have plenty of flat ground to run, but also plenty of rollers.


                          Good morning all. I may do a short run this evening if the weather stays damp and humid. If the sun comes up, and the intermittent rain/drizzle stops I will mow the lawn instead. Last night nothing but a 2.25 mile dog walk with the beasts and the missus in Coventry Woods. We missed the heavy stuff. It fell after our walk was over. SirB the springer had a stare down with some dude running the trail. It was really sort of odd. I think the guy must have been afraid of dogs. I mean it's a spring spaniel for cripes sake!


                          QOTD: Plenty of hills around here but I would not call them mountains. I don't do anything specific since my typical trail runs have several hills in the 200-500 foot range. The Appalachian trail and mountains are about an hour away.



                          Lace - Did you ever run with the FURunners when you lived in Florida? I hooked up with them once on a run down in the Croom tract and they claimed there were hills there.


                          LB2 - I find it hard to believe there is a 4 mile loop in Mississippi with that much gain. That's nearly 500 feet a mile. How do you measure that? I have a couple of ball buster 20ish mile runs around here that are only 3,000-4,000 feet gain overall.


                          Tromper - I've run into those cool pockets of air before. It's pretty neat. A few weeks ago I ran the trail right after a hailstorm and there were cool pockets everywhere.


                          DigDug - Congrats on the 10k win!


                          Madison Mandy - Hi. Hope you can get off that bike soon.

                          In dog beers, I've only had one.




                            LB2 - I find it hard to believe there is a 4 mile loop in Mississippi with that much gain. That's nearly 500 feet a mile. How do you measure that? I have a couple of ball buster 20ish mile runs around here that are only 3,000-4,000 feet gain overall.




                            Xtreme: That was measured by Sam Landry. He used that course to train for UTMB. He is quite thorough with everything he does, so I trust the measurement. That place is a very unique area along the Mississippi River. Most of the elevation is formed by deep, steep erosion from the creeks that feed into the river. So, basically, you have a large number of ravines that just go down, down, down. The area is called Clark Creek Natural Area and is near Fort Adams, MS. In fact, just south of the state line is the Louisiana State Prison at Angola. On the eastern side of the prison, I don't think they even have a fence. Of course, the prison is set up in a series of camps that do have fences, but the few times anyone has gotten out and wandered off into the hills, they were hoping to get back in after a day or so.


                            No specific elevation gain/loss information here, but here is a link:





                              Getting ready to head out for a 7+ mile run again. Just got back from dropping DD off at the airport. She's headed to Austin Tx. I looked on the flight tracker and they are in a bunch of thunderstorms. At first it looked like they were going to fly north around them but now they've made a sharp turn to the south. Not sure if turning back or trying to find another way through the line.


                              QOTD: We have a very hilly race here in Pa that draws quite a few runners from Florida. Some of them claim that doing walking lunges really helps.  I think there is about 6000' of gain in this race and most of them do fairly well so I'd try that.


                                Flight home is cancelled today so we'll fly home tomorrow. That's good because I can squeeze in 2 more runs on the local trail here. It's hillier than what I can get at home, so good stuff for Bighorn. Then again I'm supposed to be tapering.


                                I'll do 6 in the park later today after the crazy weather blows thru. I'll try to take a few photos of some trail porn.


                                qotd: very flat where I live so I do hills when I travel and I also do the stairclimber at the gym if I'm going to do a mountain run. But mostly I follow the same thing as mentioned by lace_up.

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