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Refurbished Hip

    Go RunJunkie!  Go lace_up!  Go RunJasonRun!  Go DoppleBock!  (Do we have anyone else entered?)  I'm a little biased, because I want RunJunkie to get in so I can go to California to help crew.  But good luck to everyone!


    I may go for a short and cold bike ride later today to test out how my groin feels again.


    QOTD: What's your best quality?  What's your worst?


      Good luck everyone in the WS lottery!


      7 miles of light trails along the James River this morning. It was warm in the mid-50s.


      QOTD: best quality? It's probably my easy going, flexible, go-with-the-flow personality. worst quality? there are many, but one is that I'm my own worst critic. Big grin


      Wandering Wally

        Going out for an hour on the trails this afternoon. There is sunshine! Woot!

        Run!  Just Run!


        Trail Runner Nation Podcast

        Occasional Runner

          Back from my LR just in time for the lottery get started. Good luck everybody.

          running under the BigSky

            go luck to all the lottery ticket holders!


            got a quick, easy 6 miles in along the Yellowstone- needed to beat the wind that is coming- calling for 20 mph+ winds mid-morning and afternoon- that doesn't mix well w/ temps in the 20's


            qotd- that's a tough one; I tend to be very tenacious/driven, which is very handy at times- at other times it's not such a good quality- so maybe it qualifies as both Big grin


              Good luck everyone. I'm stalking the heck out of this lottery for you. Already saw one guy I know get in (2 tickets). 10 miles this morning in a little under 90 min. Have a great day folks!

              Refurbished Hip

                Ahhhh, I know a few people who got in now, but no one from here yet.  Almost over...


                Faster Than Your Couch!

                  Good luck to the WS lottery ticket holders!


                  No run because DD has her dance rehearsal for the show tomorrow. Ugh. Four hours of sitting there for me, doing the bake sale - not mentioning making the "peanut butter cream pie in a cup" for the fundraiser. I'd rather be running...


                  Glad most of you got some nice miles in. Maybe tomorrow for me!


                  Mandy: Hope your injury will heal up. Have you ever had this evaluated thoroughly?


                  toyger: Sounds like a very enjoyable run!


                  smith: Have fun in the sun!


                  lace: You got your priorities straight!


                  warden: Glad you could beat the wind!


                  ASU: Have fun stalking!



                  QOTD: Best: Perseverance, flexibility, positive mindset. Worst: I can be stubborn at times, and impatient, but I'm working hard on improving especially with the patience.

                  Run for fun.

                    Good luck to the lotterites!


                    I ran for about an hour today in fresh snow, with snow still falling. I love that! 


                    Mandy: good luck with the bike ride.


                    toyger: wow, nice weather!


                    mjsmith: Enjoy the sun while it lasts!


                    lace_up: Hope you get in!


                    mtwarden: Nice run to beat the wind.


                    ASU: Nice run!


                    Faster: You sure are building up mommy points--may you get to cash them in later for something wonderful...



                    QOTD: I'm pretty good at thinking on my feet--I think I'm better at crisis problem-solving than at routine daily tasks. Worst: Procrastination.


                      Hallelujah we finally got some snow!  10 miles this morning in ~ 5 inches of fresh, sticky snow.  I saw more deer than humans, and it was a beautiful run.


                      QOTD:  My best quality is my homemade chicken noodle soup.  My worst quality is the fact that I'm a complete asshole.  Approve


                      Some deer from this morning's run:

                        Got stuck having to work today. I had planned some hill work at a new spot, but looks like that's out of the picture. I'll get in 5 or 6 after the short people go to bed. 


                        QOTD it varies from week to week.

                        Wandering Wally

                          Looks everyone is playing around on FB today.


                          Got 5 miles in during my hour of trail running.  The sun went away before I made it out there.  Cloudy again.  That's winter in northern Michigan though.  Days and days of grey skies separated by a few minutes of sunshine.

                          Run!  Just Run!


                          Trail Runner Nation Podcast


                          Computer Geek

                            Sad to hear that no one from here made it into WS.  Sad


                            No miles yet today....but there is still some time after the kids go to sleep....or I could just make tomorrow mornings long run extra long.  

                            Ultra Cowboy

                              Ran a 10 mile race.  there is a a Race report.


                              Best quality, uhm, My determination once I commit to something.


                              Worst quality: is that I am never satisfied with the Status quo and I always want to improve.  Never "Good Enough"



                              Uh oh... now what?

                                Run? Good run. Short (63 minutes), but good. No wind. No rain. Good.


                                There are 108 100-milers listed on Stan's page and 17,983 people wanted to run Western. Discussions about probability followed. I used words about mathematical modeling I thought I had forgot. I did not get in--seems the probability is higher if you have a ticket (similar to $lotteries).


                                And now a bunch of things I'll write when everyone else has gone to bed because I am in the last time zone. No I'm not. AKTrail, yoohoo...


                                MsMndy: Where is the Trailer Trash cover picture from? Bike ride? You just put that in there to remind me I forgot to get a tire today (17th time I have gone out the get the bike out and looked at the flat tire).
                                toyger: What is a light trail?
                                msjmith2132: Sunshine? Post pictures plase.
                                lace_up: LR = leisurely run?
                                mtwarden: That is all the wind we can spare at the moment, sorry.
                                ASUnk00: Now you have someone to pace? Crew?
                                Mandy again... no dawg do I see
                                CTFY... Cupcakes, 25¢ or 3 for a dollar, get 'em right here. Cupcakes...
                                majope: Snow? Crunchy snow where you can hear each step?
                                sugnim: Beautiful picture, thank you.
                                Birdwell: Put the short people in a buggy, push them up the hill
                                sjmsiht2312... deja vu? 12 days until winter
                                mecrowe: did you have a ticket for the lottery?
                                Rocky11: Good race report, thank you.


                                Best... there are so many to choose from, oh, now I have a decision-stress headache.
                                Worst... slight problem with prevarication