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Refurbished Hip

    Good morning!


    I spent the weekend in Chicago and got in some nice runs.  Saturday was on the lake shore path with snow coming down for 6.3 miles.  (Bella came with, too!)  Sunday was a 5 mile trail race in the fresh snow and very cold, which was slow going, but fun.  The race was close to O' Hare, so there was tons of wildlife in the forest preserve -- you know, like Boeings.    I'm taking a SRD today.



      Resting some tired legs today.  Yesterday I had a long run on snow covered fire roads.  Hunting is over, so the gates are now closed.  YEA!!! Thought I'd be all alone, but there were a few riders out on snowmobiles.  At first I was thankful for them packing down the snow, but as I went on and temperature rose, the snow started feeling like running in sand.  As I was finishing up, I could really feel it in the calves.


      Mandy, I love Chicago.  Was that your first race in a while?

        Good morning! After a month of little running I'm ready to get back into things. Heading out for a run at lunch today, probably 5-6 miles.


        Oh I just signed up for my first 5k too. On New Year's day, it's aptly named the "Hangover Classic" at Sly Fox brewery in PA. Noon start time. 

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        Follower of Forrest

          Morning trailers,


          SRD today for me.  I hit all my workouts for the weekend and even got in a nice 9 miler during the snowstorm.  I believe I was the only one above age 16 outdoors in my neighborhood.


          I turned 30 yesterday, so I guess I'm in a new age group bracket.  I also asked my GF of almost 9 years to marry me yesterday (and she said yes) so I got that going for me.


          Enjoy the day all!

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          Occasional Runner

            I did a 6 mile tempo run to the gym this morning. It felt fast and comfortable.


            Because of my broken ribs, I missed 4 weeks at the gym and was amazed by how much strength I lost. I had to reduce my weights by 25% for every workout and even struggled at that. It's a testament to how quickly we lose fitness and the same applies to running. Those long recovery periods after a big race...? Lost fitness and lost endurance. And that's why I never take time off from running.


            Jamezilla- Congrats on the engagement! 


              I'll do something tonight, not sure what yet. It was nice to run without a headlamp yesterday. Most of my runs are in the dark now.



              Faster Than Your Couch!

                Oh Mandy, you are really showing off that English degree. Now I have a knot in my eyes.


                I love Chicago, it is one of me favorite big cities. But I have never run there, it most be awesome.


                I'm planning on a run after work, early afternoon, in the snow and the sun. I love those early shifts.

                On my drive to work this morning, I saw (or better: almost didn't see) a runner, running along the road (no emergency lane on the side, and very narrow shoulder), with the traffic (not against the flow, to see cars coming), dressed all in black, with not a single reflective. Thingie on him. It was almost suicidal, or so it seemed to me. Enjoy the day, runners!

                Run for fun.



                  I turned 30 yesterday, so I guess I'm in a new age group bracket.  I also asked my GF of almost 9 years to marry me yesterday (and she said yes) so I got that going for me.



                  Congratulations, to you and the Bride-to-be.

                  Refurbished Hip

                    Congrats, James! 


                    AT, I had done a 5 mile trail race with NorthernHarrier back in October.  And a silly duathlon in September.  But I am not really racing any of them -- just having fun running and collecting more t-shirts!


                    Couch, I agree that Chicago is a really nice big city to visit.  I wouldn't want to live there, but I love visiting.  It was Bella's first road trip.  We went to a dog park that was right by the el -- she chased the train.  It was hysterical.

                    100K or Bust

                      So now you know there are trails in and near Chicago. Shiller and Bemis are two of the forest preserves I ran in or biked in growing up in that area.

                      2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility

                        Plan on 5 or so after work.


                        Congratulations to you and the soon to be bride and Happy "a day late"Birthday Jamezilla!


                        FTYC, I regularly see a lady running in mostly black, in the dark, going with traffic, wearing headphones while running on the white line even though she has room to run on the shoulder. I really want to pull over and tell her how stupid she is!


                          Took a SRD today. Felt good to sleep in. Just had to be careful and to go crazy at the Hotel breakfast.


                          Congrats Jamezille and the future Ms Jamezilla. (Also happy birthday.)

                          Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


                            Likely a rest day today, unless I can't resist the urge to run on this nice day. Got in a couple nice runs over the weekend, including my first attempt at a tempo run on the trails. Was fun to open it up a bit on the trails since I usually try to take it pretty easy on the trails. May have to make that a regular addition to my schedule.


                            Jamezilla - Congrats on the engagement and Happy Birthday! Going to be tough to top that birthday present.


                               It's a testament to how quickly we lose fitness and the same applies to running.


                              Testament to old age? At least that's the way I feel about it. I started feeling a huge difference when I turned 30. The last decade my fitness is in free fall as soon as I miss workouts.


                              Congratulations Jamezilla.


                              Weights for me today. Booked eight days of skiing over xmas, which feel awesome! There is even a chance that my season total will be 20+ days.

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                                I haven't run in a while. I am finally done with the FF1 class. Passed the practicals with no problem. The written was easier than I expected. The test results should be in today, so I'm anxious waiting for that. The day testing ended my mom showed up for a week visit. It was the most sleep I've had in a long time.  Today I'm turning in my application for a job at the fire dept.


                                A lot has happened in the last few months, and a lot could possibly change very soon.


                                Now that my necessary week of sleep is over I am actually anxious to get back into running.


                                Jamezilla- Congratulations on the proposal! And of course, happy birthday!