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Birthday Mondaily (Read 39 times)

    ...cause it's my birthday!


    Not doing anything special, I've already celebrated a few times. I usually like to run on my b-day but I am content to rest today. We have a lot do to before heading up to NY for the holidays later on.


    QOTD: Do you have any birthday traditions?


    Since mine is so close to Christmas I don't have many traditions, except I am usually with my family in NY which is nice.

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      6 miles on very icy asphalt then some circuit training at the gym. Planning a long trail run with friends for tomorrow, so I kept it easy today.


      TrailsnCocktails- I hope you have a great birthday!


      QOTD: Not really. When you get out of your 20's it begins to lose its significance.


        Happy Birthday Trails!


        After a week of working overtime (*phew!*) I was finally able to get out for a nice 6.5 miles in the snowy hills yesterday.  It was beautiful out, and it felt good to get my body moving.  I get out early for Christmas Eve & have Christmas off, so even though I have to work late today and later in the week, I know I will be hitting those trails at least a couple more time this week.


        QOTD:  No, I'm not really all that big on my birthday.  It's just another day to me.


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        running under the BigSky

          Happy Birthday!  Smile   I'm doing my best to fight off a cold (hoping not flu), it sidelined my run yesterday and I'll have to play it by ear today


          I did take in a movie yesterday at the library- "the Long Green Line" it highlights a cross country coach and his team looking for their 25th state championship- very uplifting movie!


          qotd: usually my DW cooks me a wonderful meal of my choosing, otherwise nice and low key, the way I like it Big grin


            I am supposed to run 20 after work, but I may have to head down to help my oldest daughter out. I think maybe her checking account got drained with that Target fiasco. So, I am not sure what is up just yet. Of course, I don't know what me being down there will do. She has checks from her account here... We'll see. The bank should replace her money for fraudulent charges. I am not sure how all that works. I think hackers should be castrated.


            QOTD: No, nothing special.



              Happy birthday, T&C.  Have a great day!


              SRD today, which is a good thing since it's biblically raining out.


              LB2 - CNN Money had this information up on their website about getting monies back where they belonged if you were hacked (including phone numbers).  Good luck.




              QOTD:  At my age, the only thing I look forward to is Birthday Sex 

              Gator eye

                Nothing today, looks like nothing for the next week. Took a hard fall and brusied a few ribs, it hurts to open my eyes right now let alone do any running.  I'm signed up for a 50 in less than two weeks getting to the starting line is going to be questionable now.


                QOTD: I used to celebrate my birthday by going to the bar and getting free birthday shots, now that I'm older I go to the bar and get sympathy shot.


                Happy B-day T&C

                Le professeur de trail

                  Happy birthday TnC!! Woo Hoo.


                  Have not posted ina  while...cuz I'm NOT running.  Sucks, sucks, sucks.  I am having issues with my left knee.  I am going to have to suck it up and visit the Doctor.


                  I will have to live vicariously through you all for a while.  I desperately want to be running on the trails in winter - my fav time to run.


                  QOTD: No - just another day.

                  The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



                    Got in 5 last night in 65* weather, was almost too warm.


                    Happy Birthday Trails!


                    QOTD We do all the family dinners and all that good stuff.

                    Refurbished Hip

                      Happy Birthday, TnC!


                      I got in some decent running over the weekend -- on the road Saturday and on snowshoes Sunday.  The snowshoes kicked my ass all over the place.


                      QOTD: Not really.  I ran my age in miles once when I turned 29.


                        Happy birthday TnC !!!


                        Did 5 mi in the crisp and sunny 35*, sure beats the 70's humid and rainy we had 2 days ago.  My legs are not really recovered yet from the Cajun Coyote, but I'm now "in training" for the Houston Marathon.  Yup, gonna do that 26.2 concrete thing.


                        qotd: I'll also echo AT with the Birthday Sex, but that is followed closely by chocolate cake!!!  As soon as the cake takes over first place I know I'll be "over the hill".

                        Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


                          Getting ready to head out for a flat 8-9 mile run on the road. Legs are feeling a little beat up lately, hopefully this will help with some recovery. Ran with DS yesterday. He hadn't ran in a while so I was able to stomp on him some. I'm sure that will change in the near future as he gets back into running again.


                          TNC -- Happy Birthday. DD is a new years baby so I know how you suffer   with having a birthday so close to Christmas. She grumbles about it every year.


                           I think hackers should be castrated.



                          LB2 -- You are too nice. I could think of some better things to do to them.


                          QOTD: I mostly try to ignore my birthday. I see no reason to celebrate getting older and slower.


                          Thread killer ..

                            Happy Birthday !


                            My plan is to go do some hill repeats , hasn't gotten past the planning stage but I'm working towards it


                            QOTD: My birthday was yesterday and it usually gets caught up in the Christmas stuff , at this point there have been too many anyway . Also I have a birthday curse , something generally bad , strange or weird happens , yesterday was no exception .


                              Happy birthday tnc!


                              I ran an crispy 3 today very early. My new yak trax extremes make such a huge difference in my winter running. Without them today's run on crispy copped up snow would have been difficult.


                              Boyjame: so sorry u are having knee problems.It really sucks when that happens.


                              qotd: We usually celebrate with a family dinner.

                                I will be visiting friends and probably not running.

                                Happy Birthdat TnC.


                                I'm the 10th and hubby the 14th So we use to always go so where for the week...but that's starting to slow down.  I usually give my husband lots of booze on his birthday and tell him the next day that he received birthday sex. 

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