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suggested trail races in New York? (Read 31 times)

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    I had a lot of fun running w/ my brother in NC this year and we thought we would get together again next year in NY to visit relatives and take in another race.


    Preference would central/northern NY, but would certainly consider others.  Distance would have to be in the 1/2 to 20-ish mile range, I think a 50k is probably outside my brothers range (at this juncture anyways).  Trail race, no road races Smile


    Thanks in advance!


      The Finger Lakes 50s (July) in upstate NY have received rave reviews (check out lace up's blog for a good description), and have the benefit of having 50M, 50K and 25K options (one, two or three times on a 16M loop).  The North Face Bear Mountain races (early May) are well organized and on great trails - shorter races can be a little crowded, but the longer ones should be OK.

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        I love the Finger Lakes races. We always camp in the park that weekend and have always had a lot of fun.


        I did the 50M in 2011 and the 50K in 2012 because I was battling the Lyme in July and I felt like crap.


        I wasn't writing my blog until after the 2011 race, so I don't have an archived RR. But here is 2012.


        running under the BigSky

          thanks guys- those both look awesome Smile  lace-up great rr as usual- that recovery burger sounds absolutely tremendous! Big grin

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            Look at the site for Escarpment


            Not sure where it is in relation to what you are looking for but I have heard it is a tough/technical trail.  It's 30k so maybe a good distance for your bro.

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            running under the BigSky

              ^ that looks like a dandy!  unfortunately I don't think my brother would be able to meet the qualifier though, might be one I look at in the future Smile


                You might try the Highladn Forest 1-2-3.




                It's usually around Memorial Day. 10-mile loop and you can choose the number of laps you want to do. I haven't run it but have heard great things about it.


                Here is a small-ish write-up with elevation profile:

                running under the BigSky

                  ^ thanks, that looks like a good possibility too- we have relatives in Syracuse Smile