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Wednesday afternoon thanks (Read 25 times)

Uh oh... now what?

    It is, sort of, the day before Thanksgiving (U.S.centric post).


    Looking back,
    I have been hungry, I am thankful I am not.
    I have slept by the railroad tracks, I am thankful for our house.
    I miss my mother and father, I am thankful for the good memories of our last times together.


    Our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchild are all a long ways away, but we are thankful they are in-country and safe.


    We will be alone this holiday, but we have been blessed with many visits by friends and family to this island that we love. We are thankful for the warmth the house still holds from those visits.


    We are thankful that our feet will feel the trails beneath them this afternoon and for however many more days, seasons, or years we have left.


    I am thankful for all the new people I have met because of my book--an unexpected blessing as this year and this season comes to an end.


    Thank you each and all. Safe travels always.


    Run gently out there --- John and Kathy.


      I am so glad you started this!


      I have always spent Thanksgiving with my small family. This year I am not home. But I am thankful I can spend the day with my boyfriend for the 4th year. He is definitely apart of my family.


      My favorite Thanksgiving our meal came from the pile of donated food. We couldn't afford the meal, but we were all together. I am thankful I can afford to buy food to make a meal this year.


      I am thankful for the wonderful trails within .2 miles of my front door.


      I am thankful for all the moments the rain breaks and sun pokes through in the winter and keeps sane.


      Happy Thanksgiving Trailers.


        I am thankful for many things this year. A son staying safe in Afghanistan, a daughter with two lovely babies that I am honored to be close enough to be a daily part of their lives, two elderly parents who enjoy good health. I spent the day cooking with my mom...treasuring every minute. Even the minute where I put dried mustard in the pumpkin pie filling instead of ginger, and the minute the pecan pie with chocolate crust was overbaked a bit. Any day being with those I love is a good day for me. Watching my grandson nap after a busy day "helping" while we cooked is icing on Wednesday's cake.


        Endless trails

          I admit that at times I focus my attention on the negative; I'm out of work, lack

          of good trails nearby, winter sucks. It can go on an on if I allow it.


          Luckily for me I have the love and support of my lovely wife, Kate. She has been

          a part of my life for past 20 years, and has been a constant source of hope and

          encouragement. She listens and empathizes but doesn't allow me to wallow

          in self-pity. She has played the role of partner, therapist, coach, and most

          importantly; best friend. If I dropped dead today it would have all been worth it

          solely due to my time with her, I'm incredibly thankful for that.


          When I actually do have moments of gratitude they extend from the basics of

          being alive and healthy to more profound like stopping in the woods during a

          run and noticing how quiet and peaceful the woods are and being grateful that

          I actually noticed.


          Happy Thanksgiving, folks.