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under a rock

    I hope everyone is having a good week! I know the weather has been going crazy all over the place lately. We had our crazy snow last weekend but this week has been pretty normal so far.


    I finally got back on the trail today, just a short 3 miles, to check out part of the trail for the race my friend is putting on this Saturday. With all the wet weather lately it's going to be a red mud fest! Glad I'll just be standing in the rain (70% chance of it for the race) pointing runners in the proper direction and not trying to battle the mud with an iffy Achilles.


    I hope the race goes nice and smooth. It's the first race my friend has directed and she is stressed out. I know she's ready to get this over with so she can be a little less stressed for awhile. Hopefully it will go well enough that there will be plans for next year. 90 people are signed up, 50 for the 5k and 40 for the 10 mile. Fingers crossed for lots of fun on Saturday!

      Hi folks!  I don't know about you but I'll be glad to put February behind me.  I've been under the weather for most of it with practically no running at all.  I'm signed up for Montara Mountain HM (Pacifica, CA) tomorrow, which is a trail run up a mountain, with 2900' elevation gain.  I think we'll be hiking most of it, but should be a nice day out there with sunshine and mild temps.  In the good news department, I got a nice coupon code from Coastal Trail Runs for volunteering at a race in January, and I'm thinking of putting it towards a 50K in June.  Guess that means I'd better get running again!

      under a rock

        I hope you enjoy your race tomorrow. Looks like a great one. You should have some nice scenery to enjoy when you need to walk.


        My friend's trail race went great today. It was a steady rain the whole morning. It was a total mud fest out there. By the end of the race the trails were flooded in some areas. I was at the entrance and exit to the trails pointing everyone in the right direction. Everyone looked tired but happy upon exiting the trail. Lots of mud up to the knees and plenty of muddy red bottoms. All the runners seemed to speak positively about their experience today. I think there will be a second running of the race next year! I'm so proud of my friend for pulling it all together!


        I'm probably going to bail on running today. I'm exhausted from standing in the rain and can't fathom heading back outside today even though it has stopped raining. I'm even already in my pj's. Hopefully I can at least get motivated to walk the dogs later.