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Trail races we (as a collective group) have done, or even DNF'd....a list (Read 466 times)

    Timberline Marathon (Oregon, 2006) Tahoe Rim trail 50k (Nevada, 2007) Glacial Trail 50k (Wisconsin)
    Next up: A 50k in ? Done: California-Oregon-Arizona-Nevada (x2)-Wisconsin-Wyoming-Utah-Michigan-Colorado
      Quivering Quads Trail Runs (Missouri) 2003 , sadly now no longer run, I did the 10k. Leadville Trail Marathon (Colorado) 2007, the toughest and most memorable race I have ever done. I'm planning on running the East Texas Ultra on Feb. 9th, my first ultra Smile
      Wisconsin Marathon May 2 Minneapolis Marathon May 31

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        2007 Bandera 100K- Jan Cross Timbers 50 Mile - Feb 3 Days of Syllamo (50K, 50 Mile, 20K) - Mar Leona Divide 50 Mile - Apr Bighorn 100 Mile - Jun El Schorcho 50K - Jul Cascade Crest 100 Mile - Aug Cactus Rose 100 Mile - Nov Keith, East Texas Ultra is a great race. Paul Stone, the RD is a Badwater finisher (multiple, I think) and a great guy. You'll have a blast there...very pretty trails near Tyler, TX.

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          Pisgah 50k (New Hampshire, 2007) I've done trail races in the past, but that was the first one I've done since returning to the trails regularly this past Summer. I was running the MCM so I missed the Bradbury Bruiser, but I'll be running that and at least a few others this year.

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            Imogene Pass Breckenridge Crest - Great race, my opinion better than Imogene, it has more single track and its easier to get into. Its also a little harder. Outward Bound relay (3 Times) Rocky Racoon 50 Mile - Great 1st Ultra
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              No one has probably heard of most of these cause they're little podunk locals races but here goes: Durango Mountain Park Classic (8miles) Imogene Pass Run(17miles, 5000ft elevation gain) Silverton Alpine Marathon Kennebec Mountain Challenge (15 miles 3500 ft elevation gain) South Rim Trail Duathalon (6 mile run 15 mile mountain bike) Breck Crest Marathon 3 weeks to Moab Red Hot 50k then I can add another!
                Tecumseh Trail Marathon in Indiana in December.

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                  IMOGENE PASS Big grin I gotta do that some day!!

                  Reaching 1,243 in 2008 -- one day, one week, one mile at a time.

                    IMOGENE PASS Big grin I gotta do that some day!!
                    Registration begins June 1. It usually fills in less than 2 weeks


                      In 2007 Seven Sisters (MA) Nipmuck Trail Marathon (CT) Ultimate XC Challenge Jay (Full) (VT) Bramble Scramble (30K, VT) Pisgah (50k, NH) VT50 Stone Cat 50 (MA) Catamount Outdoor Center 5K Trail Series (~16 Tuesday nights!) Still working on the schedule for 2008 starting with pavement at the New Bedford Half Marathon in March and Boston in April. Still trying decide if I should go for my first 100 and which one? Kelly
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                        Lots of small local (montana races): Jim Bridger Trail Run 10 miles John Colter 7 miles others I can't think of now. More well known runs: Bighorn Trail Run 18 miler twice, 50K once Antelope Island 25k once, 50K once Uncle Joe 50K Elkhorn 50K There are getting to be more and more shorter distance trail runs in Montana--Thats good!
                          Golden Hills Trail Marathon - Oakland, CA in October - Toughest marathon I've ever done but also the most beautiful! I am signed up for the Old Pueblo 50 Miler in Arizona on March 1st. It's a trail marathon through the mountains south of Tucson. My training has been so-so. Hopefully, I'll survive and enjoy the beauty of trail running for the day. Smile
                            Golden Hills Trail Marathon - Oakland, CA in October - Toughest marathon I've ever done but also the most beautiful!
                            I did that one in 2006! Absolutely agree with the review. It was incredible. Besides that, as of Saturday, I can add the Buckeye Trail 50K in OH to that list (my first ultra!)

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                              28k Villeveyrac, France (Will be my 1st - Jan 3rd 2008!!!)

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                                Hey Lynn, You were right. The East Texas 50k was great. I loved the trails, not too rocky and the earth was easy on my legs. I felt much better after this, my first 50k, than I have after most every marathon I have run. There might be something to this trail running yet, hmmmm! Since it was my first ultra, I of course, got a PR!!! Big grin Johnny, I liked the photos of your trail run, thanks for sharing with us. Keith
                                Wisconsin Marathon May 2 Minneapolis Marathon May 31