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    Hi, Folks!  Glad you found our little community here.  It's been quiet lately, but I'm hopeful things will liven up again.


    I'm Fatozzig aka Leslie.  I live in the far reaches of Northern California, in the heart of redwood country. I'm 46 yo and have been running for a little over 6 years now and, except for my one and only HM, have only run trail races.  My first 50 was American River in 2010.  I planned to run another in 2011, but was sidelined for 6 mos with a torn ligament in the top of my left foot.  This past July, I completed my second 50-miler, Mt. Hood and finished 40 min faster than AR50 and on a much harder course.  It's given me new-found confidence in my ability to run longer than 50k.  I have some lofty goals for the next two years, but right now am keeping fingers crossed I just get through 2013 without injury.


    So who are you?



    PS - There was some talk about getting a daily going in here.  Yea!!  The more trail talk the merrier!  I also re-energized the schedule of races thread.  If you post your upcoming races there, I will keep a list going throughout the year of what everyone is up to.

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      *waves hello*


      Hi!  I'm Mandy.  From Madison, Wisconsin.  (Yeah, yeah, I bet you already figured that out.)  I've spent the last 5 years over at Runner's World, but am happy to make a change since we're pretty much overrun by spam, not to mention over moderated.


      I'm a trail runner first and ultra runner second.  Right now I am rehabbing a stubborn groin injury and am currently not running at all.  (Rest day #21, but who's counting?)  I have a crazy dog named Bella who runs with me a lot.


      My tentative plan is to run my first 100 miler in 2014, provided I can make it through 2013 without injury. 


      Thanks for letting us crash here!  We like to chat, talk beer, and post pretty trail pictures.


      Endless trails

        I'm Jon, from California, Maryland, Florida and Massachusetts, currently residing in Mass.


        Been a runner for 10 plus years, lots of short races (5k to HM), and a handful of trail races. 
        Goal for 2013 is to finish the year with a 50 under my belt, next race is a 50k in April, perhaps

        a 50K FA in Feb just to warm up.

          Jason from Atlanta, Georgia here.  


          I ran my first trail race, the Twisted Ankle Trail Marathon, in 2009, and immediately dived head-first into the subculture.  I joined a local trail running group, Georgia Ultrarunning and Trailrunning Society (GUTS), and completed my first ultramarathon, Pine Mountain 40 Mile, in late 2009.  I tell people that it's sort of like Keanu Reeves meeting the surfers in Point Break, because I started hanging out with the crowd, and the abnormal somehow became normal.  I completed Pinhoti 100 as my first 100-miler three weeks ago.  


          I love trail running in all its aspects, and can hardly ever resist joining runners on the trail or running/volunteering at local trail events.  


          I have a propensity for long-winded writing, as my race reports from my blog (linked in my sig) demonstrate.  

          under a rock

            I'll go ahead and re-introduce myself. I'm Fraggle, aka Ashley. I started trail running in 2009 to give my ITB a break from the repetitiveness of the roads and found myself quickly addicted to running trails. For the past year I've been recovering and rebuilding after a soleus muscle injury in mid summer 2011. Though I'd like to do some ultras it just hasn't been in the cards for me, between the ITB and soleus. I've done one trail marathon and that's the farthest I've managed. I really love to go fast on trails, especially down hill. I'm a bit slower and more cautious than I was before the soleus strain but I hope after a year of rebuilding my base I'll be stronger and can get back to trying to chase down the fast women at the local trail races.


            I live in NC just a bit west of Charlotte. I have a hubby, a 4.5 yr old boy spawn, and 3 dogs.





              Dan here, currently live in Albuquerque NM. I have been a runner my entire life through sports in particular soccer. Running is a natural extension and has become a fabric of my routine. I have run 5k - ultra distances and have recently gotten to pace and hope to continue. I don't discriminate but try to run primarily on trails.


              Currently on the books for the upcoming year are: Moab Redhot 55k, Cedro Peak 45, and Jemez 50 miler. A couple pacing duties and am willing to pace others if needed and are in driving distance.


              I am a wildlife biologist by trade and enjoy the outdoors, have a wife and 2 young kids, and of course my faithful running partner Yellow Dog (aka Abby).


              I have made a couple good friends through this group and hope to meet many of you in the future at trail races of course!



              Looking forward to continued banter and shenanigans.

                Howdy! I'm majope (Marlys). I started running roads 4 years ago, and then one day ran my first trail race. Loved it! About a year or two ago I started switching over to doing mostly trail running, and my current goal is to do my first 50K in Fall 2013.


                I usually live in Indianapolis, but since August have been hanging out in Finland while my husband teaches for a semester at the University of Oulu. We'll go back to the States in January. Here, they have a great system of paved and dirt bike/pedestrian paths, but it's quite flat and everything's a bit groomed for my taste.


                Since I'm away from my usual trails, training groups, races, and running partner, I've taken the opportunity to try some low heart rate training. I won't really know if it works until I stop and see what effect it's had on my usual running--but hey, why the heck not?


                  Tim from Gettysburg, PA.  Was with RWOL way back in 2002-2004 and left when they made too many changes.  Came back to RWOL in 2007 but we had lost so much ultra and trail information by then, and was not a frequent poster.  


                  I started as a competitive swimmer, made transition to triathlons, then marathons, then adventure racing.  Through AR I discovered trail running and ultra's and was hooked.  Running is probably my weakest discipline, but the one I love the most as long as I'm in the woods.  Many times I'll be on a Mt. Bike and say "I wish I was running this trail".


                  I live near the Michaux Forest and it's hundreds of miles of trails, including 40+ miles of the Appalachian Trail (hence the name AT-runner).


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                    Hi! I'm Heide and I'm one of the folks from RW, though I only posted occasionally on their trail running forum.


                    I started running cross country in Junior High, but wasn't really into it. I started running again in grad school to get back in shape and really liked it, but didn't do races or anything like that. Then one day in 2005, I took my newly adopted dog, Hank, for a hike at a local state park. As soon as we hit the trail head, he took off running like a beagle out of hell, and in so doing he introduced me to the wonderful world of trail running. Running on trails was the only time I really enjoyed running enough to make even a meager attempt to train and also participate in races.


                    My first trail race was in 2007 or 2008 and that's where I met a really good friend and lots of other trail runners, so that I became involved in that community. I ran quite a few shorter distance races and volunteered a lot, too. I was well on my way to run my first trail marathon, but had a couple injuries that kept me from participating.


                    Now I really want to get that first trail marathon under my belt and move on from there to ultra distances. My best runs have been the long ones when I'm in the woods alone for a very long time. My all-time favorite run was when I was training for that first trail marathon. I ran 15 miles in a snow storm and was making the first (human) tracks on the trail.

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                      Hi everyone.


                      I'm cgerber.  And well, I was cgerber here and over there... because, well, I sleep with everyone (or every forum, at least), apparently.


                      I'll try to post more often, it's been a while... since I got sick and things got quiet. 


                        - Chris

                        I'm Dot in southcentral Alaska. I'm actually a CR refugee, who lurked in Trail and Ultra fora and occasionally posted in Running 101 and General Running. In recent years, I probably posted more in RWOL, but original internet home was on usenet.


                        I've been trail running about 10 yrs, a lot more since I retired about 7 yr ago. Trail running converted me from a post-work occasional jogger on paved bike path to someone in love with trail running. Being older (65F) and slower, shorter distances take me ultra durations so I get my money's worth out of my entry fees. Most of my races are probably in the 5-15 mi range (what's available locally), but have completed a 50-mi event (Resurrection Pass 50, but did the 38mi of trail a couple other times).


                        I also like to help out with the trails so we have places to run.

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                          A whole new set of friends and friends returning.  This is fun! Smile

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                            Thank you for the warm welcome.


                            I'm Mike.  I live in northern Michigan.  I am 44 years old, started running in 2010 and quickly gravitated to trails.  Next summer I will be running my first 50K ever.  Can't wait!

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                              I'm Valerie in NW Nevada I was mostly a lurker at RW and will probably do the same here . I am trail/ultra runner who is currently rehabbing a knee after surgery ( October ) . No real plans for me  just depends on how it goes .


                                cgerber sighting!


                                Oh. I'm robert.