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    Has anyone run this race or know about it?
    Find the fun.
      Don't know anything about it. You might post the question over on kickrunners. It's a larger ultra community. At least it wouldn't be as hot in February. Wink

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      Feb 13 - Hagg Lake 50k; Mar 19 - 4MPH Challenge; June 4 - Grasshopper Peak 30k; June 17 & 18 - Wild Rogue Relay; June 25 & 26 Western States Volunteer; July 23 - Pick Your Poison 24 Hr.

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        I considered it last year, but then realized that the course can change if snow/weather is a problem in the canyon. I've been to Death Valley before, and I really wantd to experience the Canyon, so I didn't sign up. The canyon looks really cool!
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