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    These guys have a lot of upcoming events, if you're in the area:  Inside Trail.  There was a really good interview with them a week or two ago on Ultrapodcastrunner.

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    2018: Mendocino Coast 50k - April 21

    Ultra Cowboy

      Met the people behind ITR at the STTS in June.  Seem like good people.  I plan to run one of their races one day.




      Endless trails

        I've ran/run in? several of their events and volunteered in two events. I can say enough about the

        two Tim's and the volunteer coordinator, great team of runners that put on a great and challenging


          I haven't done any ITR events yet but have heard only good stuff about them from friends who have.  Hope to do one or two of their races next year.   Will probably volunteer at their Pacifica run in January.