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running under the BigSky

    well my plans for coasting for awhile have changed Smile  the group that I ran the Grand Canyon w/ last year has been planning a trans Joshua Tree NP (38 miles) run for the last three-four months, I've been watching airline tickets and they've only been going one way- up!  I check every day or two and this morning for some reason I found a very reasonable flight, so I booked it and plan on running w/ the group on March 2


    so looks like the slacking will have to wait until early March Big grin  plan on 35-40-ish miles w/ a 18-20 mile run on the weekend

      taper mode for me this week. planning on three runs of 3 miles (or less) leading up to the Moab Red hot this weekend.


      mtwarden, sounds fun!

      Wandering Wally

        mtwarden - Sounds like an awesome adventure!


        Building an aerobic base with HR training continues for me this week.  I'm going to up the running time a little bit so I get 7-8 hours total for the week.

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          This week I've been floundering a bit with my training.  The 5k that was supposed to be last weekend got postponed until next weekend, so I ended up resting up for nothing.  The same snow that caused the race to be cancelled is still piled up on the sidewalks, so I can't really do much quality work until it melts.  I'm planning an 'epic run' for this weekend...something involving a lot of trail miles and a train ride home is the basic plan. Looking forward to the presidents day weekend! Happy valentines day all!

          6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


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          under a rock

            It's been a light week of running for me, still nursing the achilles a bit but it's getting much better. We finally got some snow yesterday! Big fluffy, perfect for snowballs, snow. I was thinking I'd go for a run this morning but there is too much ice mixed in and I don't have appropriate gear for that. I'll wait until later for my run. Plus, I've already spent enough time out there this morning playing with my 5 yr old son. We got 3.5" of snow, which is a lot for our area. This snow was a total surprise since our afternoon temps were forecasted to be 39. But when the snow rolled in it was so heavy that it stuck then the temperature dropped to the low 30's and we had a 5 yr old's snow dream come true!

            running under the BigSky

              ^sounds like fun Smile


              very light week for me as well, was planning on a 15-20 mile yesterday and 8-10 today, stomach flu Friday night put the end to those plans


              I'm thinking I'll be gtg by tomorrow