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    I'm new in here, after finding that there was an exodus from the RW forums. I've run six half marathons on the road, but in the past couple of years have been doing more trail runs and races. I'm planning on my first trail half on April 27th.  Can someone tell me if there is a plan somewhere for training for a trail half? I am assuming it's a little different than road training. Or isn't it?



      Do most of your workouts on trails.  Train on the course if you can.  If you can't get to trails every day, then try to do your long run on trails that most closely match the race.  If you can find a trail that has either extended climbs/descents or a lot of undulation, that will provide the best trail specific training stimulus.

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        What race are you running?

          As with any trail race, see if you can find an elevation profile and information on footing or other trail conditions. Train accordingly. I try to mimic the various sections of the race course in my training, if I can. If you can run or hike at least part of the course beforehand, that's best, but not always possible.


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            sounds advice Smile  


            training for a trail half on paper should at least resemble training for a half on the road- as far as distances, number of days, mpw, etc


            the biggest difference as mentioned above, is you want those miles on trails- the more they mirror the course you're running the better


            it does take some time to "adapt" to trails-footing, balance, obstacles, elevation changes, etc  but I'll go out on a limb and say that most folks who start running trails tend to stick to running trails Big grin