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    I am looking to try out trail running. I have a question about what to look for in shoes. I know the advice when I started running was to make sure I got the right shoe for my feet. Does the same apply for a trail shoe, or are trail shoes more about terrain? I will be starting out on mostly fire roads, though they have some loose areas. I will also be running short mileage in the shoes to start (3-8 miles). Thanks for any help you may offer!
      If you are just trying trailr out, and especially if you are mainly on fire roads, you really don't need a pair of "trail" shoes at all. Try running in the road shoes you've got. Lots of people use road shoes on trails (not me), but I know that some do. And yes, trail shoes are just as much about the fit as road shoes. I hardly consider the terrain/grip of the shoe when I pick out a pair. If the terrain is uneven at all, your feet will need to be snug to prevent them from sliding around/forward. Extra toe room is good, too. Have fun, hope you enjoy it! Smile
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        I agree that trail shoes are not necessary at first, especially if you are on fire roads. I had some problems with my toes and needed to buy shoes 1/2 size larger than usual and I hear that is common, but you should not have problems until you put higher miles on the trails. In my case, I have three different trail shoes. One pair is "stiffer" for when I run more technical trails and one pair "softer" for when I am sometimes on the trail and sometimes on pavement during the same run. The third pair is in between the other two. Ultimately, you will need to find your own way to keep your feet happy. Enjoy the trails! Kitrin