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    My boyfriend and I are seriously considering a big move out to Denver this upcoming summer. Obviously, one of my biggest considerations in a move will be where I can run. I know there are some serious trails out in Colorado (duh) but having never been out there, I'm curious to hear about the proximity of trails to Denver proper. I know there are plenty of running/bike paths in the city, but I'm more concerned with trails as I plan on training for a few ultras next year.  How far does one have to drive to get to some good trails?

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      Depends on where you live... Denver metro is huge.  If you're on the west side, you may not have to drive at all!  Within 1-2 hours you've got 1000s of miles to choose from.


      Not a bad place to live.  Not bad at all.


      It's sunny 300+ days a year too.  Smile