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Light at the end of the Tunnel trail marathon (Read 125 times)

    Last Sunday went and ran the "Tunnel" marathon which was a pretty interesting trail run. With over 2000 feet of loss and hardly any gain along with a 2.3 miles thru an old railroad tunnel, it made for quite an event. This is likely to be the fastest trail marathon in the country. The race starts at the Hyak ski resort and after a little over 1/2 mile it's turn on your headlamp or flashlight and start the pitch black tunnel. If your in the front you could see the pinprick of light that was the other end, but I wasn't even close to that group. The really wild part was turning around and watching the lites bobbing behind you. It was pretty surreal. Once out of the tunnel it was just about all downhill till the finish. The majority of the trail was on rails to trails path so it is pretty wide and not rough. Around mile 16 you go past a popular rock climbing area which was a pleasant distraction. Thought I might be able to get close to 4 hours but ended up at 4:34. There were a lot of people that qualified for Boston and the winner came in at 2:37. It's a fast course if you are. This is the second year of the race. Last year only 21 runners showed up, this year it sold out with 138. Came in 95th. Happy to have finished with only a little knee pain which has been nagging for the past year. If your looking for a fast trail marathon, this is it.

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      That sounds interesting and fun. Where is it?
      Find the fun.
        It starts up on Snoqualmie Pass off of I-90 and ends in the town of North Bend in Washington.