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dork.major dork. Synopsis: 8k Trail race, first one. 40:09 unofficial watch time. Kinda sucked in the middle, it helps me that I"m aggressive and not afraid of falling. I kicked someones a$$ at the finish. Trails are fun.

    Reaching 1,243 in 2008 -- one day, one week, one mile at a time.

      Congrats, Imogene! Way to push hard at the end. Now that we have you hooked on trail running . . . . Big grin

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      Feb 13 - Hagg Lake 50k; Mar 19 - 4MPH Challenge; June 4 - Grasshopper Peak 30k; June 17 & 18 - Wild Rogue Relay; June 25 & 26 Western States Volunteer; July 23 - Pick Your Poison 24 Hr.

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        Nice finish kicking it into high gear at the end. Since you are in Boston you may want to run the Houghton Pond 10K in Blue Hills. I think it's the first weekend in October. Dan
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        dork.major dork.

          Thanks for the race tip, Dan! I just might Big grin Also, I just found out that I won shoes!! Which means that I was two or three in my age group (25-29) Woot!

          Reaching 1,243 in 2008 -- one day, one week, one mile at a time.