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    Very, very cool girlfriend. I'm glad you toughed it out and didn't quit. You wouldn't have forgiven yourself. I'[m even more glad you're going to keep running! It's interesting to read how you long for others to run with. I like the trails because there is nobody else out there. I get to commune with the Lord and enjoy being by myself, escaping people. Running alone all day through a beautiful park seems ideal to me. The stomach issue sure is a buga boo. The day before VT I ate no fiber, only dense processed foods like pancakes, white bread, etc... That helped as I didn't have one bathroom break all day. My training runs are another issue. Some days I've had to stop and squeeze my butt together hard, envisioning Gandolf on the bridge in the mines of Moria saying, " YOU...SHALL...NOT...PASS!!!!",several times before I got to the woods or bathroom. It's takes some time to figure this stuff out. I'm still trying to figure out the fluid and food thing myself. I've come to the conclusion to trust your thirst and hunger, drinking and eating only when hungry, but that's me. I'm proud of you. Welcome to the Ultra ranks. Now go check out the Hardrock website or surf some sites to find longer, harder races, and sign up for one! You can do a 50 this year for sure...and you should! Log another 50K or so and you're good to go. I did a 50K 3 weeks before VT, and did fine. I too hadn't run in a long time, since high school, 25 years ago, so you can do it too. Go for it.

    "Run slowly, run daily, drink in moderation, and don't eat like a pig" Dr. Ernst Van Aaken. Sorry ultrasteve.

    The Goofinator

      Thanks, Buddo. Well, I have 2 more organized runs planned - SOB, in Ashland, OR, on July 12 and the Bizz Johnson Marathon in Susanville, CA, on October 12. We also have another fun run into the Trinity Alps planned, which will be probably only be about 18-20 miles (listen me - only 18-20 miles!! Ha!) Anyway, I figure if I can get through all of that relatively unscathed, next year we'll see. The big problem is we have to travel so far to get to any runs, we have to be pretty picky. However, I definitely want to do Forest Park again next year. It's an absolutely beautiful place to be.

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