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running under the BigSky


    Done. Hard work today.


    congrats!  no small feat


    the weatherman was spot on w/ his predictions (sadly), Friday the arctic blast hit and will be here through Monday- no long run today or tomorrow- did get a little over 6 at the gym on the treadmill and will try and brave the cold for a little x-country skiing this afternoon


    I'll hit the starmaster tomorrow for another 6 miles which will put me about 10 miles short for my planned week, so much for planning Smile

    under a rock

      Finished off the week with a nice 10 mile trail run, first double digit in nearly 2 yrs! The weather was a little warmer than I would like, 65 at the end. Of course in 5 months 65 degrees for a run will sound like heaven!

      running under the BigSky

        no complaining of warmth, only of cold Big grin

          Did 8.6 on a hilly single-track route today.  The endless switchbacks pretty much kicked my butt.  But it's part of the course for the HM that I'm doing in February and those switchbacks ain't going anywhere between now and then.  


          Weekly mileage is getting close to 40 again, yippee.  (Which is an easy day's run for Purdey, of course, heh.)


          It was unusually chilly, in the 40s this afternoon for my run... that's cold, right?  Can I complain?  Big grin

            Wasn't able to run on Friday like I planned, but I made it back out for 15.4 miles on Sunday (my longest run in over four years).  Ran the same trail as last week with an extra mile out and back.  I discovered the unmarked detour trail around a logged area where the trail has been destroyed and not yet redone; last week I didn't see the detour.


            Was worn out yesterday but feel remarkably good today.