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Dirty trail runners weekly- w/e 12/30 (Read 82 times)

running under the BigSky

    ahh-the oft forgotten holiday week Big grin


    my on paper plan won't be happening this week Smile,  we are experiencing a rather protracted arctic blast with highs in the single digits- got 6 miles on the dreaded stairmaster on Monday, hope to get a run in on Wednesday (high of 18 F), Thurs and Friday will be x-country skiing in the Absaroka's and then hopefully I'll savage most of the "plan" and get my 17 mile long run in on Saturday, followed by an easy 6 on Sunday (temps forecast near normal for the weekend-hooray!)

    under a rock

      Brrr... single digit temps!


      I came down with the flu at the end of last week and it put a stop to all my activities. Hopefully in a few more days I'll feel good enough to do more than walk. At least I'm not missing out on any decent weather. It's been raining here like crazy the past few days so I don't mind taking it easy so far this week. Plus the kiddo is out of school so it's hard to find time to get away from the house without him. So, if I'm going to get sick this is the best time to do it.

        Goal this week is 30 miles. Wll be a mix of multi use trails, roads, and muddy/snowy trails. I'm hoping to make my long Saturday run somewhat special, as I will most likely reach my year end mileage goal at some point during it. I plan to get down to some slick rock trails for some extra fun.


        Edit- Got to 28 miles. Made my year end mileage goal of 1000. trail run report over in the trailer trash group.

        running under the BigSky

          pretty good week overall, not exactly what I planned, but it'll have to do Smile


          got 6 miles of hill work on Monday, 5.7 miles on Wed, x-country skied Thur/Fri and got back to back 12 milers in on Sat/Sun