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road equivalent of inov-8 x-talon's (Read 165 times)

    Hello trail runners! (just found this group)

    I've been trail running and hiking in inov-8 shoes for a while, mostly flyroc's and now the x-talon's. I recently switched to road running in nike lunar racer's an effort to apply the same ideas to my road footwear (lightweight, more natural feel of surface, somewhat closer to barefoot).

    I really like the weight of the lunar's, but they have more padding and less road feel than I was hoping for. Not quite a good fit for in-between my earlier motion control trainer's and au natural.

    Ultimately, I'd LOVE a model of the x-talon without the aggressive tread. I prefer a more traditional shoe shape than the VFF's. Any suggestions?

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      I like my Terrocs, they aren't quite as "minimal" as x-talons though.

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        Thanks for the suggestion. A friend of mine swears by his terroc's, but they are a bit heavier than I was hoping for. I may just start using my current x-talon's to be road shoes once the sole has worn down.