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22K trail race on Saturday (Read 154 times)


Husband and father of 4

    I'm looking forward to a 14 mile trail race on Saturday. It's the X Terra Malibu Creek. My longest race yet. Never done a Half Marathon either. It should be interesting. race: elevation profile:
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      Good luck TS, bring us back a story Big grin

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        Good luck! We expect a full report - including the always popular fashion report. Cool Oh yeah - and pictures!!

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        Husband and father of 4

          Thanks folks. The report will be after Sunday. Grandpa is watching the kids, and dw is comming with me. We are staying at a hotel near Malibu Saturday night. Big grin Then we drive home and celebrate Mother's day.
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            Good luck TS-don't be afraid of getting dirty! Kelly
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            Husband and father of 4

              The race was tough, but went really well and so did the weekend. I blasted my goal time and I came home sore, but rested. My goal was 2:37 and my race time was 2:12. I posted a race report in the race forum. Thanks for the encouragement and advise the last few months everyone. Modified for Fatozzig: My wife added the fashion report to my race report. Beyond that, there were a few colorful label-laiden shirts, and many less ostentacious folks. As a guy and one who is usually on the soulful (surfing lingo) side of things, I felt a little awkward being color coordinated. If that's the price to have a great weekend with my wife I can live with it. Besides, I got a new running shirt and another pair of Injinji socks for the sake of color coordination.
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