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    Hey Leslie, Have you done any VO2 Max estimators (ie, any of these tests: If so, were the results comparable? It would be nice to have a fairly accurate (or better yet, a precise test, since that's more important than whether the score is truly accurate) way of measuring changes through the year without shelling out $125 every 3-4 months... Thanks! - Chris
      I've only done this once, and the Treadmill VO2 Max test sounds the closest. The difference is I had a contraption on my head with a tube coming out of the side that measured what was going in and out as I breathed. Every 2 minutes my BP was taken and the treadmill was raised a bit. I should call them and ask what the highest point of incline was. The thing I remember bothering me the most was feeling like I couldn't get enough air in, not that my legs didn't want to go anymore, which is the point of the test, I assume. I'll have to give some of those other tests a try after my run in December and see what I come up with. Thanks for the info. PS - The two tests only cost me $45. Smile

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