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The Goofinator

    have a trail marathon on April 7.  My schedule for the next two weeks (per my coach), beginning with this weekend is:

    Sat        24 trail miles
    Sun        10 trail miles
    Mon         Rest
    Tues        5 miles steady pace
    Wed        3 miles EZ
    Thurs    5 miles (1 EZ, 3 Race Pace, 1 EZ)

    Sat        10 trail miles
    Sun        5 trail miles
    Mon        Rest
    Tues        4 miles (1 EZ, 3 RP, 1 EZ)
    Wed        3 miles (1 EZ, 1 RP, 1 EZ)
    Thurs    Rest
    Fri        Rest or 3 EZ
    Sat        Trail Marathon


    A running friend has indicated this is too heavy of a schedule and that this weekend I should be running more than 13/8.  This is a typical taper for me.  In your "humble" opinions, should  my coach have me running shorter miles this weekend?  My friend's new coach (she used to use the same as me) says this is too much running prior to a race.


    What say you?

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