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Pike's Peak Ascent (Read 239 times)

    Would I be foolish to consider running this if I don't live at high altitude? Undecided The highest peak around here is 3000 or so feet where I live in CA. Got inspired reading the NY times article about Carpenter. It looks like quite a challenge to train for. The only thing that scares me is that I've only been at "altitude" once - when I was around 10 yrs old doing dance camp in Aspen, CO. Things were ok back then. I guess I was kind of worried about how my body would respond to the environment. Anyone lowlander try this event and have fun?
      A lot of people come out from the flatlands and do it, I'd say go for it. As for how you'd react to the altitude? Nobody can say for sure... it's different in everybody. Carpenter has a lot of good info on his website on how to train for it. It will sell out immediately, so be sure to register the minute it opens! -Chris
        Thanks for the info. I will be glued to the computer on March 11, and let fate decide whether I should do it. Smile

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          well, did you?
            I'm in. Thanks for asking. Wave 1 ascent. Ok I'm freakin out now. Nahh. It'll be fun...when its over. I'm trying to orchestrate a reasonable training plan that hopefully will include a few runs around Lake Tahoe at altitude. Wish me luck. Smile