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    What is up with me? My husband and I rarely stay up for the New Year. However, I am "thinking" about a midnight run to "run in the New Year." I could stay up for that.
    Wow, now that's a cool idea... I did my last run of the year and hit my goal of 2008 miles in 2008. I actually finished it off w/ a short run/walk with my 3 year old and wife to hit the magic number. Now all that hard work gets erased at midnight and the clock starts ticking from 0 again. :-) Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve and starts off 2009 in a great way! - Chris


      I reached my recently set goal of 2700 miles for the year. I wasn't necessarily looking forward to running tonight since I froze on the mtn today and the temp has dropped to 3 degrees with the wind blowing 10-20 mph (around 20 below wind chill) but I had to do it and it wasn't that bad. I chose a route where I was somewhat protected and the wind created snow drifts along the edge of the road that was soft to run on. No big plans tonight since I'm working tomorrow (scheduled to teach 4-6 yr old, all day group lesson). Happy New Year and Many Miles with Lots of Smiles Smile Kelly
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