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Who wears INOV-8? (Read 720 times)

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    No need for luck.  The Roclite 295 will treat your feet just fine.  They will go anywhere you dare.  Mud, ice, snow, fire roads, single track...just not the pavement.


    So, how have they been so far? 

     I'd like to know too. My Roclite 320's are bulletproof, but just a bit too much for most conditions. Looking for something a little more flexible.

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      Choppersean-did you try the Brooks ASR's? You mentioned wearing Adrenalines and the ASR's are the trail version of those. That's what I wear and I like them because they work well on road sections of trail races. I have a pair of Montrails which I would wear on really rugged trails for the better toe protection  but for my last two 100's the ASR's worked great and I just got a new pair for my next 100 in four weeks. The past couple races, I wasn't organized enough to get new sneakers in time to put any miles on them and wore them practically fresh out of the box. I can say for each pair, I only got one or two blisters. My last race, the VT 100, I even wore them into a brook at an aid station to cool off-they dry out pretty quickly!


      But good luck with your Roclites. My training partner wears them (with orthotics) and likes them alot.

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        I wear x-talon 212s. They are just about the best trail shoe I have ever worn. Man they are light. I would not wear them for a 100, but a 50k would be fine in them.

          Running Warehouse ( has a good selection of Inov-8's and other trail shoes. Plus if you first go to the home page of Endurance Buzz (, there is a link to enter the RW website and get 10% off anything.  Shipping is also free both ways.

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