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Winter rainy running? (Read 162 times)

    It keeps raining with the temp 35 to 40 deg in CT. This is my least favorite weather to run in. I have tried a EMS "waterproof Breathable" shell and found it not very breathable and after 45 minutes not waterproof. I am inclined to use layers that are not too cold when wet but it gets tricky as for instance a 200 weight fleece jacket works for me in either minus 5 deg F or 35 deg and pouring rain. I think cold rain is the hardest weather to dress for. Does anyone have any great words of wisdom about cold rainy running other than to suck it up.
      Does anyone have any great words of wisdom about cold rainy running other than to suck it up.
      Nope! Big grin My winter morning runs are usually in the low to mid 30s, and we're about to get dumped on over the next week. My "breathable" shell doesn't feel breathable to me, either, and I soon feel like I'm suffocating. I just layer up and get wet. Good luck!

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        What's rain?
          Enjoy your runs whatever the weather brings. I am looking forward to colder weather and frozen precipitation which is much more fun to run in. Thanks for the comments.
            In all seriousness (it's been like 15 below here, so we don't get rain in the winter), when I lived in the midwest I would usually just suck it up and get wet. It was so humid there that if you wore something waterproof / breathable, it wasn't breathable enough to move all the sweat, so you'd wind up soaked anyway. The area around freezing was the hardest to plan for, especially if it was windy. It was easy to go hypothermic on a long run if you didn't get the layers just right. I would often tie an extra layer around my waist and bring gloves and a hat to be safe. It doesn't rain here in the winter (it doesn't really rain between about October and April, just snow, and it rarely "rains" in the summer outside of a t-storm) so I'm probably not the best source of info on how to do it. - Chris
              Thanks Chris. I agree with you about the hypothermia. I like to run loops for long runs in the winter so I can have an extra hat and other clothing choices if I guessed wrong or some clothing gets wet then freezes. It is funny though that when you run on the trails you pack super light vs hiking in the woods when I at least pack for most any eventuality. Enjoy your runs and think of those of us who are getting soaked in the cold rain once in a while. I listen to a podcast called Ultradad and the fellow runs in the pacific north west in Canada and it is cold and rainy most of the winter so I guess CT is not too bad at all. Ken


                I think you're just going to have to suck it up Ken. It's been raining here too (VT) but fortunately it's been somewhat warm-Dec 10 it was 50 and raining-I won't forget because I actaully wore shorts. Luckily it was a short run because the temp started dropping the moment I stepped out the door! Cool picture of you -I ran Nipmuck last year and this year and will most likely be there next year too! Kelly
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                  Hey Kelly, I am glad you are enjoying some warmer weather at least at times. I did not do the Nipmuck last year but this year I am really going to try and focus on it. It took the stuffing out of me the 1 time I ran it but looking back at my training it is not hard to figure out why this happened and it was my longest race to date. I kind of ran it to qualify for Escarpment in the Catskills. This year though I really want to be ready for the Nipmuck as it is a cool race and is in my backyard on trails I know and love. Look forward to seeing you at the race in June. Ken
                    Rainy winter running is the worst. Spray a windbreaker with Camp-Dry, and then get out there and build some character.

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