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Off-Season Plans? (Read 13 times)

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    Since there's been a request for a little more action in these parts...


    What are everyone's off-season plans? Focus on swimming? Biking? Running? Playing with your kids? Hiking? Strength-training?


    After my goal tri in late July, I entered a run-focused block with the goal of a half marathon PR this fall. Well, that didn't happen, but I knocked down my 10K and 10-mile PRs along the way and ran a very strong race (45 seconds slower than PR) on a hilly course, so I'm calling it a win.


    Now I'm trying to figure out what 2016 is going to look like. I might be taking on a big project professionally and undergoing some job transition (all positive!), but I don't want to overdo it. For the rest of 2015, I'm going to start some more strength-based work and be more consistent at getting on the bike and in the pool.

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      Kmays, what kind of strength stuff will you do? I used to try and do a fair bit of upper body but I am sitting here after swimming yesterday, feeling like my upper body is getting a lot of attention.


      I am focusing on swimming right now, it has been a positive addition to my workouts. I spent the summer doing spin classes on my bike and now that my kids are back to school I am going to look for different indoor bike options. I have finally readdressed a leg issue and maybe there will be some running in 2016! Until then I plan to keep up with running specific stuff like squats.

        Biggest plans for the off-season is to get back on track and be able to run again.  Been side lined with an achilles issue for much of the year.  The least I can do is work on strength and flexibility and try to keep cardio engine going.  As I'm unsure what next year will bring, I'm not all in for the tri sport training.  I'd like to do a few du's but we'll see.


        On the strength training, I've been working on core and full body strength.  The basic runner strength routine that I've done includes shoulders (front/side), tris, lats, quads, hamstrings and calves.  There are variations of squats and lunges that are good too that will get thrown in occassionally.