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Inspiration from great "feel good" stories (Read 11 times)

    We've all heard about the Hoyt's and what they did within Ironman.


    In May, 2014, at Ironman Texas, there was this blind and deaf Ironman with Usher's Syndrome (Andy Granda).


    Last weekend, there was this story from Copenhagen about a 34 year old who partnered with his twin brother to complete an Ironman (Steen & Peder Mondrup).


    Great sport.  Great stories.

    These guys are rock stars!

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    Running Rev'd

      Wow, that's so awesome.

      At my Olympic tri last Saturday, there was one parathlete (leg amputee) who raced and blew by me on the bike. It looked like his lower leg prosthesis just clipped into the bike pedal, which was kind of cool.

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