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    Nice job! I spent two years of high school in northern Michigan, and those summers are beautiful. Glad you got to enjoy it!


    I realized I didn't update here about my A race a few weeks ago, my first 70.3.


    Route 66 Half Iron-distance, July 25, Springfield, IL:

    The short - I had a great race and did what I wanted to do. The swim was a little choppier and had more current than I would've preferred (non-wetsuit legal). I thought I was going pretty slowly but came out of the water in 37:35, right in the 35-40 minute window I predicted. The bike was blissfully flat, and I got to haul (for me). In fact, I was worried my parents and friends would miss me because I came into T2 so much earlier than I thought. Averaged 17.2 mph for 3:15 bike split. It had rained on the bike but the clouds broke for a warm, sunny, humid run. My goal was to run faster than 2:30 and I came in with a 2:25. Overall, I told myself I would be happy with anything under 7 hours but secretly had a stretch goal of 6:30. Total time was 6:21:14, so I crushed what I had hoped to do!


    Most importantly, I had fun and enjoyed myself (well, except for some parts on the run). Full recap is on my blog if anyone wants more details. I'm thinking about Lake Logan Half for next August...

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