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Weight Training for 1/2 Ironman? (Read 82 times)


    Hey Group -


    Long time runner diving head first back into triathlons after a 7 year hiatus.  I'm really stoked to get back into the water and earn some saddle sores!


    Anyways, what's your take on weight training on top of all of the hours of swim, bike, run?  I'm using the BeginnerTriathlete 1/2 Ironman program, but definitely want to incorporate some body weight/light weight lifting along the way, especially during my base building periods.  My race isn't until August of this year, so I have plenty of time.


    My initial thoughts are to toss in two days a week of full body (back, chest, legs, abs) and cut that down to 1 day a week once my training starts to really ramp up.


    Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!



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      I personally do not do any lifting more then the occasionally 12oz. curl. I have a weight lifting background and already carry too much muscle so there is no need to build more, I could actually benefit from losing some.


      Anyway, you probably can't go wrong with a weight program from Mark Allen.


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        I think thats a good plan. I'm also trying to do 2-3 days a week now and then cut down to 1-2 once the Spring/Summer starts. I feel that the lifting helps with biking and my body overall feels better. Also maybe try to incorporate some plyometrics now and taper down those also.


          Weights 2-3x/week during base.  Weights 1x a week during season.  Core workouts 2x a week

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