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    Badger and Roxie, I am def. liking being so close to the NBT. We moved up to the northwest side in May, and before that I had been running around West Town (Uk Village/Wicker Park/Bucktown). Blah. And while it is nice to be able to run on the lakefront (and I did, for anything longer than 10), it was 3+ miles to the lake, so it's much better being able to run out of my house and be right there. I'm generally between the start and Dempster/Beckwith/Golf, but I like the dirt trails if I'm going up further.



    Mr. Handsome

      Roxie, I don't think the trail closes per se, but I'd think that it'd be tough to get a run in after dark without a headlamp, at least on some stretches of it. Can't say I've ever seen a sign or anything saying it's closed though.

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        I live 1.5 miles west of the NBT, and 1.5 miles east of the Des Plaines River Trail- love them both.  I haven't gone very far north on the NBT- only about to the Harms Woods area, I think.  I was thinking about driving up a little farther on Sunday for my long run- what section do you guys recommend?  I'll be doing 16 miles.


          I ran 61 miles in November.


          I did one long run last summer on the DesPlaines River trail, up at the north beginning point.  I liked it and intended to keep running my way south, but never did.  It's something like 15 miles away and it was SO much easier to run out my front door to one of the two forest preserves that are within three miles of my house.  But now that I've been reminded of it, I might head up there again and pick up where I left off.


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