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    Hi Everyone-


    Since this is a new user group, I thought I would start an introduction thread.  My user name is badger.  I have been a using this name for the past 4.5 years on Runners World, so I thought I bring it to the new user group.  Why Badger?  I was born, raised and went to college in Wisconsin.  I love all sports related to Wisconsin (Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwauke Bucks (they are terrible) and my favorite Wisconsin Badgers).  I bleed badger red.  I currently live on the Northside of Chicago (Evanston).  They will never make me a bears fan, no matter how hard they try!!


    I ran in high school.  I quit running for an extended period of time (like 20 years).  I started running again Jan 1, 2008 to get in shape (I was tipping the scales at 200 pounds and I'm only 5'9") and to recover from a brutal divorce.  I have run numerous half marathons (maybe 10-15), 4 road marathons, many trail marathons, several 50K's, a 38 mile ultra, two 40 mile ultras, a 50 mile ultra and a 100K in June this year.   I expect in December, I will hit 10,000 miles since I slipped on those running shoes on 1-1-2008.  I find that amazing.


    I'm mainly a trail runner.  However, recently I decided to try a road marathon again (two year break).  So I signed up for the Chicago Marathon.  I guess the combination of the good weather and an easy course were enough to help qualify me for Boston.  I ran a 3:11.  So I'm going to run the Boston Marathon in 2013.  Boston never meant anything to me, until I qualified for it.  Now, I'm super excited to run it.  Funny how that happens.


    Ok, that's me.  Let's hear about you.  This is a new community.  The community is only as strong as it's members.  Let's get to know each other and we can build this into our new home. 


    Person of Interest

      Thanks badger.


      I'm originally from the south coast of England and moved to Chicago in 1995 as a work transfer.  I started running in late 2002 and began logging my miles in early 2003 after a 16 yr break from HS cross country.  No idea if I was any good back then.  Probably not.


      Anyway, I started with mostly 5k races and low mileage.  My first ever road race was the 2003 Shamrock Shuffle - my goal was to run a sub 35 min time as a friend said that was his goal.  My training was running on the treadmill until I could hit that time - got close in the race too.   I had no idea.  Then I ran my first 5k (Ravenswood) shortly afterwards in 19:51.  My goal for the year was sub 20, as another friend has said that 20 mins was a good time.  Again, no idea.  I repeated the same set of races for a number of years and improved my times for a while.


      Got more serious about training in late 2007 and ran my first marathon in 2008.  Previously I'd said I'd never run a marathon but if I did I would train well.   So, in 2008 I joined a track club, ran a lot of miles and set a bunch of PRs, some of which I'm still chasing.   That first marathon was a complete disaster as it was hot and humid for the Chicago marathon... I DNF'ed with side cramps and an IV at mile 16.  I could have finished (slowly) but it was BQ or nothing for me back then.  Managed to BQ 4 weeks later at the Outer Banks marathon.  These days, I would battle to the finish line.


      Currently, I've run over 120 races, including 55 * 5ks and 10 marathons.  I've run Boston, NYCM, Chicago and others, with a PR of 3:06.  This year, after Boston was a meltdown, I skipped a Fall marathon and focused on getting a sub 18 5k, after being stuck in the mid to low 18s for years.  Now that I've checked that off my list, I'm looking for a good race at Boston 2013.


      FYI:  I came up with RunAsics about 5 years ago when I started frequenting running boards.   Since I run mostly in Asics shoes, it's not very inventive.  I'd hoped for a kick back from Asics but nothing.  No calls.  No freebies.  NOTHING!   I've kept my running log here for ~4 years but like a good engineer, I also maintain a spreadsheet.  My avatar is from album artwork for "Lazer Guided Melodies" by Spiritualized.  

      "Only a few more laps to go and then the action will begin, unless this is the action, which it is."

      The Jogger name is Mini and I have a running problem.


        It all started so innocent.  I was never a runner, but I wanted to run a marathon in memory of my father who died when he was 36.  So in 2006 I started running a couple of times a week 1-3 miles at a time.  After my first 3 mile run I took an ice-bath.Clown  So late in 2006 I ran my first was 5k.  It hurt so bad and I was so slow that I told myself that I need to run longer distances.  So then I ran a 6 mile cross country race and found it more enjoyable.  Next spring I ran my first 20k and thought to myself..if I can run 12 miles, I can run 26...LOL.  So I signed up for Des Moines Marathon (Chicago was already closed).  So I ran it in 4:19...Like I said, I thought it would be a one time deal, but once I crossed the finish line I was hooked.  I ran a bit more next year, signed up for Chicago and ran 4:00:53.  Pretty much the same story in 2009...more miles and 3:43....2010....once again more miles and 3:36.   Then I thought I could BQ, which was 3:15:59 at a time.  Of course they found out about it and raised the limit to 3:10.  ...I ran 3:18 in 2011.  More miles in 2012 and the end result was 3:06....BQd with 4 minutes to spare.  Registed from the Grant Park right after the race.   I've been posting on RWOL for about 4 years now and met some cool people there.  


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        Demon of Bad Decisions

          Since the RWOL'ers seem to be extremely fond of introductions, I'll play along Wink I began running in my early 20's when talked into trying a 5k from people at my work. I had never run except when forced to do so at school. They thought since I could go a half hour on a stairmaster, I could run 3.1 miles. I couldn't. For the first few 5k's I would pretend that my shoe was untied so I would have an excuse to pull over to the side and stop. I only made it up to 10k's when I stopped and became a slacker for a few years. I started up again with some bad times, ran my first marathon in spring of 2006 with a bad time, and have gradually progressed to become a bit faster and able to go longer. I have discovered a love of trails, and an appreciation of the ultrarunning community. I am really in it for the travel, though. I am a bartender who is single and has no kids, so I have total freedom to head out wherever I want (when I have the money). Last year I was injured all year (peroneal tendonitits), and running became very painful then non-existant. I said screw it, and went off to Nepal to trek in the Himalaya for two months. I feel like I am still getting back into shape. Bartending has its benefits, but being on your feet all day and having hours that go directly against the running community's scheduling of events can be a problem. I will be racing with Universal Sole next year, so I will be forced to work on my shorter races. I am really looking forward to new PR's.

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            I lurked in the thread at RWOL but never really posted.  I live in Wisconsin right over the border (only an hour and 45 minutes from Chicago), but I used to live in Libertyville and Lake Villa and my whole family is from Chicago/the suburbs.  I'm a die hard Bears and White Sox fan.


            I ran XC and track all 4 years in high school. I was all set to run xc and track at a school in South Carolina and then stuff fell through and I transferred back. The school I ended up going to was known for having a very strict coach and I was scared to try and run for the team so I didn't run at all, not one step from late 2009-late 2011/early 2012.  I realized how much I missed running and racing and started training again this past april.  I've ran 2 HMs and some 5ks and a 10k. Oh, and Hot Chocolate (which I will probably never do again!).  I'm also starting nursing school in January, so balancing running, school and work is going to be interesting.


            I'm just building up my base right now and then starting the Ryan Hall HM plan in Feb for the Wisconsin HM May 4th.  One of my goals is try and get my fitness back to where it was in 2008 (my 2 mile and 4K time).  I didn't do a very good job building a base when I came back last april...I basically went from 5 mile runs-10 mile runs and dealt with minor nagging injuries all summer. I'm trying to do things the right way now. I'm *tentatively* planning on running Chicago next October as my first FM.   


              Another RWOL immigrant here.   I'm 43, female, never ran a step (or any other athletic activity) after about age ... 12? ... until winter 2007/08 when I started C25K as part of a diet and exercise change.  I was obese at that beginning, and still a good 45 lbs overweight when I started running.  Of all the cardio activities I tried, running was the only one that I actually LIKED, and I've run off and on ever since.  Mostly "on" 2008 and 2009.  Mostly off 2010 and most of 2011.  Then I got on track again Oct 2011 by doing something I'd never done before: running 100% outdoors, at 4AM during the week, instead of nights at the gym.  And I've been running ever since.  Horrendously slow (I lost all fitness during that time away from running), but I've worked up to 20mpw and 9 mile long runs.  


              My current plan is to work up to 35 miles and 12 long run (after holding at 25 for Jan & Feb) and hold at 35 and focus on improving speed.  I'm thinking about doing a HM next Sept,  but I haven't decided for sure.  I'll see how things are going come April.  And eventually I want to do one marathon, but not until I break sub-2:00 HM.  I have no idea at all how long that will take.  I clearly have no natural talent for running, I'm not very competitive, and I'm overly cautious, I suspect, to avoid injury.   But I'll stick with it, and get there eventually.


                I am another from RWOL, mostly the Beginner's Forum but I did some lurking on the Chicago board.  I moved to Chicago from Columbus, OH in August.  I ran track (very badly) in high school and found out in college that I actually liked running just for fun- I've since done 2 HMs and four marathons- Cleveland x 2, Columbus, and Chicago this year, where I ran my PR of 3:57.  I'll start training soon for a yet-to-be-determined spring marathon, probably the Cleveland Marathon, with an outside chance of the Illinois Marathon or Green Bay.


                Nice to meet you all!


                Miles to Go

                  Hi !!!!  I've been running on the North Branch (Golf) for many years.  Never raced or ran more than 4 miles.  Now that DW started running with me for the last year, distance is picking up (10 miles LR so far).  One 5K and two 10K's so far.  First HM in April For both of us.  Hopefully we can keep up the training over the winter.  luckily we have 3 free tracks within 10 minutes of us.  Other than the North Branch, we like to run on the Evanston/NU lakefront.  See you on the trails !!!

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                    Ok! I've been posting over here for a couple weeks so it's time for an intro (in my defense, I do a lot of my reading/posting on my iPhone or tablet so I like to keep them shorter) I live on the far northwest side close to the beginning of the North Branch trail, but my previous 15 years were spent in the more popular 'hoods in Chicago (Lakeview/West Loop/ most recently Uk. Village). My new area is much nicer for running! I used to run to the lakefront for long runs which was 3+ miles away, and all of my weekday runs were spent running the grid of West Town... boring. I miss the lakefront sometimes but I can always drive over there if I want.


                    I've been logging here on RA for about 6 years, and I'm not much of a poster in the main forums. I ran my first marathon last year...Chicago. I am slow but I'm working on it. Since I never ran before in a previous life, I think I have lots of PR's left in me. I have dealt with some injuries through 2010-11 but I think I have put them behind me and 2012 has actually been pretty consistent. Right now, I'm thinking about what I want to do in 2013...maybe a spring marathon, but I would really like to take a bit more off my half first (current pr is 2:00:33...ugh). I also underachieve at most shorter distances even relative to the half so it would be fun to run more 5k's and stuff. And trails, I would like to run more of them too. Decisions I guess...


                    But mostly, just running will keep me happy enough. Smile


                    Trail Dog

                      Roxie is my dog. She loves to run, but the number of days per week and number of miles per run has decreased now that she is seven. Her distance PR is 18 miles. Now her max is 7-8 miles, maybe two days per week. Smile


                      I'm Amanda. I moved to Chicago (Evanston) in late August of this year, from Atlanta. I am 38 years old, two cats, one dog, and no human children (though I love my two nieces dearly). I have lived in many places: Connecticut, Michigan, Arizona, Virginia, Alabama, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Georgia, and now Illinois. Chicago is the biggest city I have ever lived in, and so far I love it. Though I do miss the trails and wilderness of northern Georgia. I practiced ballet and gymnastics when I was very young, but completely moved away from sports when I started playing the violin in 3rd grade. I played through high school, and the expense of a nice violin (which is sitting in my closet!) and private lessons meant no money for additional extracurricular activities. So it was a huge deal when a friend invited me to run at the track with her when I was in graduate school. She said, "It's only 3 miles, 12 times around." and I thought that sounded so easy! She even let me have her very old pair of tennis shoes, which were at least 1/2 a size too small for me. But, they were free (a grad student's favorite word). Long story short, I barely made it one 400 m lap, and two weeks later I had the worst case of shin splints ever. I could not even walk. This was late 1997, and led to my very first post on RWOL trying to figure out why my legs hurt so much. With that support, I worked up to 3 miles using a run/walk program (there was no "C25K" back then). I fondly recall the day I replaced my Sony Sports Walkman with a Sports Discman (I even had a carrying pouch that went around my waist, LOL). After grad school I moved to Africa, stopped running, got married, got fat and miserable. Fast forward to 2005 -- I began running again in the midst of getting divorced. Just 1 mile around my block in Atlanta, to supplement other fitness DVDs I was doing at my house. Along with Weight Watchers, I lost 50 pounds. So fast forward to 2008. I met this other runner guy, and long story short now I am living with him in Chicago and running ultras. Smile


                      My first race ever was the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon on Valentine's Day 2009. My last race was the Tecumseh Trail Marathon in early December, and my next race is the Frozen Gnome 50K in January. I have run three trail marathons, five 50K, two 12 hour events, and one 40 mile race. BUT I have never run a road marathon. So my "A" races for 2013 are a spring and fall marathon with the goal of eventually earning a BQ (recognizing it may not come until 2014). Another "A" goal is to run a 50 mile race in 2013.



                        Hey all. I'm Kevin from RWOL born and raised in Glenview, IL. Currently I'm a junior at the University of Illinois [If you're planning on running the Illinois Marathon/Half, let me know! I have a super comfy couch!!! Haha]. Hmmm... got started running at the end of my senior year of high school, that's when I joined RWOL. Dropped it as soon as I got to college because I thought I was too busy.


                        Picked it up again when I spent last summer [Summer 2012] down at school. Ran my first race, the Firefly 5k, in September. Ran another race at school a couple weeks after. Ran my most recent race, the Winnetka Turkey Trot, on Thanksgiving. If you can't tell, I tend to race closer to home.


                        For 2013, I'm setting a goal of doing at least 1 race/month. Still haven't picked a January race. February should be some sort of Cupid's Love Dash on the North Shore. March is the Shamrock Shuffle. April is the Illinois Half Marathon. Anyone care to join me?

                        2013 Goals: 1000 Miles | 5k: Sub 25 | HM: Sub 2:00 | 1 Race/Month 



                        Miles to Go

                          Hey all. I'm Kevin from RWOL born and raised in Glenview, IL. Currently I'm a junior at the University of Illinois [If you're planning on running the Illinois Marathon/Half, let me know! I have a super comfy couch!!! Haha]. Hmmm... got started running at the end of my senior year of high school, that's when I joined RWOL. Dropped it as soon as I got to college because I thought I was too busy.


                          Picked it up again when I spent last summer [Summer 2012] down at school. Ran my first race, the Firefly 5k, in September. Ran another race at school a couple weeks after. Ran my most recent race, the Winnetka Turkey Trot, on Thanksgiving. If you can't tell, I tend to race closer to home.


                          For 2013, I'm setting a goal of doing at least 1 race/month. Still haven't picked a January race. February should be some sort of Cupid's Love Dash on the North Shore. March is the Shamrock Shuffle. April is the Illinois Half Marathon. Anyone care to join me?

                          Hi Kevin:  There is a HM schedule on the  Beginners and Beyond user group.  Just add a post  and Damaris will put it in the schedule.  Maybe we will see you running at the Glen some day.



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                            Hi everyone! Another RWOL migrant although I never posted much in the Chicago forums. I live in the NW burbs and have been in the general area most of my life. I didn't start running until 2006 after my son was a couple years old and I felt like crap. Ended up really enjoying it and here I am 8 marathons, countless halfs and shorter races later. I am still debating about running Chicago again this year but look forward to getting to know you all.

                              Hey there - I'm also a RWOL immigrant, although I posted pretty infrequently.  I've lived in the Chicago area around 20 years (originally from New Jersey), currently in the western 'burbs.  I started running as a New Year's resolution in 2012, and this may be the only resolution I've ever stuck to for a year.  I didn't really get into a rhythmn with it until May, but since then I've done a few 5ks and 10ks.  My goal this year is a sub-2:00 half marathon (my first is in Michigan next month) and to finish a marathon (I'm signed up for Ottawa in May).


                              Thanks for starting the forum Badger!  Anyone running the Polar Dash next weekend?

                              Jeff F

                              Free Beer

                                Someone told me about this forum, so I decided to join.  I have been an RA lurker for the past couple of years, didn't really post much until the last few months.  I am a 53 year old male, who does not live in Chicago but I travel to the city almost every week and run the lakefront path pretty regularly.  I wasn't much of a runner until 2006; prior to that in my younger days I would show up at 5K's for the free beer.  I decided to make a lifestyle change in 2006 and bought a pair of running shoes.  Since then I have done 14 marathons and 4 ultras including Boston a couple of times.  When I started running I thought Boston was just a fantasy but it happened.


                                I have slowly moved towards trail runs but will occasionally do the local shorter races (I am old enough I can win my AG occasionally) and I am going to run the Illinois Marathon this spring.


                                The best thing about becomng a runner is meeting a lot of great people from all over the US.  I really enjoy the trail and ultra community.