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    Chicago announced the marathon is opening on Feb 19th, 2013 for registration.  It appears they have raised the price to $175 next year.  What does everyone think?  Are you going to do?  Too expensive?


    I'm fairly certain  I will sign up again.  This will be my 3rd Chicago ( I did 2010 and 2012).  I hate the price but love that I can stay in my own bed and take the train to the race.  It's much cheaper than traveling to another city for a marathon. 



      Pretty steep. That's almost a 20% increase from last year. I'm on the fence leaning no, especially since the weather is so iffy that time of year. I may do Milwaukee instead

      Trail Dog

        It's a tough call. Milwaukee Lakefront is an appealing alternative. However, there is no race day pickup. Even if there was, you would have an extremely early drive from Chicago race morning because you have to park at the finish and take a bus to the start. So all costs considered, I think it would still cost the same as Chicago.


        But, that is coming from the perspective of a "local", who can sleep in their own bed and hop on the red line for the expo and the race. When I think how much cash out-of-towners drop to run Chicago - a world marathon major - I feel like $175 isn't so bad... it's a drop in the bucket compared to what we would pay to run NYC or Boston. Of course, there are less expensive alternatives right here in the suburbs, but if you are looking for a major marathon experience that isn't the cluster-fuck of a Rock and Roll event, Chicago fits the bill.

          I did have a good experience and more than likely will register again despite the price hike.


          Like you all have said, there is something to not have to travel to a race; even if it is a drive, you will still have to plan on a hotel night, eating out, etc. The only other race I may consider for fall is Fox Cities, but that is because I am from Neenah and my parents still live in Appleton, so that is a drive with free accommodations where I can still eat what I want, etc. Plus, I have wanted run Fox Cities...although I think that the half covers all the good parts of that area.


          At any rate, it is sure to sell out quick this year so you better know by Feb 19th. Wink



            I will most likely register. It'll be my first marathon. It's a little further than Milwaukee lakefront, but I love Chicago and have family in the city and honestly I know Chicago way better than I know Milwaukee. I also already have a couple friends doing it with me and we'll probably stay with friends. I think the next year I'll do Lakefront though.



              R E M I N D E R!!!!

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                M'in!!  Definitely some server overloading happening, but I was registered by 12:15ish.


                Mr. Handsome

                  Lottery for the last 15k spots. Should be interesting to see the feedback on this decision.

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