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January Mileage (Read 20 times)

Duke of the Internet

    First month of the year is done.  What did you end up running?  This was my biggest January ever.  I plan to back off a bit in February.  My legs are getting trashed.


    Week 1: 68

    Week 2: 58

    Week 3: 68

    Week 4: 74

    Week 5: 26


    Total 294 miles.  I could do a double tonight for the other 6 miles but I want to rest for my race on Saturday.

    Trail Dog

      I finished the month with 207.8 miles. My legs are finally starting to feel good with the increase in mileage - I dropped down for much of 2012 (after Cheaha 50K in February) to focus on shorter races and moving to Chicago. December was 196.7. My training log is public, so you can see the last few months.


      Person of Interest

        231 miles.  That's a 50 mile PR over prior January volume.  It also keeps my >100 miles/month streak alive.  Now sitting at 35 months.  In fact only 5 months out of the last 64 have been lower than 100 and those were due to injury.

        "Only a few more laps to go and then the action will begin, unless this is the action, which it is."

          103 -- my biggest month ever, by 24 miles over Dec, which was my prior best month at 79.


          I'm going for 100 again in Feb.


          Miles to Go

            112 PR.  Not much else to do in the winter.  At least we got outside a few times this month.

             Last::                    8/27    Fort2 Base 10NM, Great Lakes, IL   

             Next:                  10/22     ScotiaBank Waterfront HM       

              I had a decent January…176 miles for the month. Not bad considering nothing longer than 13 in there! I suppose if I'm going to run a spring marathon I should think about some long runs soon Smile