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The Jogger

    I checked in the introduction thread.  I didn't see anything from a "Mapruns" person?  Are you a troll?

     You might have to take back everything you said about MAPS Wink

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    Mr. Handsome

      You are getting soft.

       Tell me about it. Brought enough running gear for two days, outdoor and in (just in case), run a total of zero miles. Business travel sucks.

      harrylee, harrylee, harrylee, harrylee- life is but a dream.

         Good to see you made it over here too. I'm going to be in Detroit (downtown) tonight through Friday afternoon. Any suggestions on where to run while there, aside from the hotel treadmill? 


        Sorry I didn't see your post earlier.  I don't run much downtown except for some races.  Try the Riverwalk.  You can pick that up behond the Ren Cen.  Or out on Belle Isle.  You'll want to drive to the island and park there.