Whitefish High School


How is CA? (Read 80 times)



    How has the job been going?  I noticed that you've gone full-time.  What are you doing exactly?  Is it everything that you've expected.  Are you still getting out in the hills in the San Jose area?

      California has been pretty good... I have been working a lot.  Like you said, I was offered a full time position as a mechanical engineer, which is pretty cool.  It's been a fun place to work, and there's always new stuff going on which keeps things interesting.  Work has been pretty much how I expected it... I'ts nice to go home at night and not have to worry about it, and to have weekends to do whatever I want.  But I can't really say that I enjoy getting up at 6am, or driving almost an hour a day.


      I haven't actually been running much lately.  I don't really have an excuse either... I'm busy, but there's always a way to fit in a run if I wanted.  I guess that there's been so much new stuff going on these days that I just want to go home and relax in the evenings, and running just slips my mind.  When I was running, I didn't really run often enough to get into shape all that quickly, so it seemed like every run was kind of painful.  I feel like I really have to just commit to going all the way and run 5 or 6 days a week in order to make it work.  


      How does the track season look this year?  

        It sounds like you are having a nice time at your new job.  I'm glad it's working out.  That's exciting.  Eventually, the running will fit in.  Go with the flow. 


        Track season has started which means its cold and wet.  I just found out the school bond passed today with a 65% margin.  That will cause some excitement around the school.  Although it's to early to tell, I think the teams will be pretty good.  The boys distance runners look pretty strong, and the girls have some possiblities.  Of course, I'll keep you up to date, as I'll be sending you results as I get them.


        Enjoy the CA weather.  I'll pretend that we have the same.