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So... What's happening out there? (Read 327 times)

    Okay, The great empty of our forum finally got to me. What's happening out in the world????
    Love to run



      So i dont know if Sara told you, but my knee is fine, my achillies is a little sore, ive been doing easy running and walking. Ive been wearing tennis shoes. Im kicking myself because on monday i didnt stop right away when it hurt. i ran and walked on it that night. I know you are probably upset with me, but i also want to know if i should do Boogie or not? I dont want to take the chance. I guess i will see how it feels tomorrow. Any words of wisdom or anything for me? I would like to know what you think.



      Thanks , Loni


      P.S. Its NOT and injury just a little pain, but i dont like to not tell you.

      Love to run

        i went to bowdish this morning , and it felt great. I just ran an easy two , but i thought that would be enough tell i knew for sure i was ok. Im ok tho , it felt great. Thought i would let you know. Oh, and i was figuring that i could start my next level mileage this next week and consider this week a cutback?


        Thanks , Loni



          A few aches and pains come with the territory.  The key is not to allow them to become an injury.  When you notice something weird, then you should back off.  In this case it worked with the knee, and should also work with the tendon.  Easy and short is better until it feels normal.  If it feels normal then you should be able to race this weekend.  It would be nice to see where your fitness level is as compared to last summer.



            I am home! Finally after 2 months of exploring the wonderful world of the Middle East I am back in good 'ol Whitefish.  I went for a short 3 mile run this morning which felt unexpectedly okay after 2 months of very little formal exercise and 36 hours of traveling with accompanying jet lag.  I would really like to see everyone and possibly join you for some summer runs very soon.  Bill, are there any beginning runners who have been attending who might be able to keep me company in my first attempts at regaining some semblance of fitness?

            Let me know and hopefully I will see you out there soon!  I hope everyone is having happy, healthy summers.




              Of course we have those that may need a bit of time to get into shape.  Let's say Monday evening at 7:30 PM at the beach.  If that works for you.