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    Web site updates: Flathead Results: http://whitefishxc.com/flathead07.html Army-Cornell Dual: http://whitefishxc.com/cornelldual07.html Lewis & Clark Invt.: http://whitefishxc.com/lewis&clark07.html Let me know if I missed anything. -Jacob
      Jacob, I'll try to get you everything you need for the website. I have them all tucked away in a computer, I just need a bit of free time to get them sent to you. Great job with the results. Let me know when you actually get started with your team. You've listed some great ones, I'd like to find out more about it. I'll check out the link that you have posted and I'll see what I can learn. Keep it up. Are you feeling better? Bill
        feeling better... it cooled off quite a bit today. We actually had an intense thunder storm earlier in the day with quite a bit of lightning, and now it's cool and cloudy (well, not really cool... its still 71 degrees, but that seems quite cold compared with the past couple of weeks). I went on a slow run today with another guy that's going to do XC, and that felt really good. I think its nice just to go really slow and not worry about training or anything. As far as the team goes... I just had a meeting today about cross country, and I found out why it was so hard to find anything out about the team. For all practical purposes, there is no team. The "Cross country team" is just a group of students that get together to race on the weekends. No coach, no practices, no uniforms, no t-shirts... Not really much of a team. That kind of leads me to a question... Since I don't have a coach, and I don't have any formal practices, do you think that you could come up with a few things that I could do on my own to get better? I was thinking about doing the same tuesday/thursday hard days, and taking it easy on the others... do you have any specific workouts that I might be able to do on the hard days? I'm pretty much alone, and I'm limited to central park for my runs. The park is nice though... it has some pretty good hills, good flats, and it's long and varied enough that it doesn't get boring. My first "meet" is on Sunday... there's a NYRR 5k in van cortlandt park, which we are going to be running. a lot of the runs that we do are just open road races or xc races, so there isn't any team aspect to them. We do a few invitationals, and on those we actually will compete as a team. There's also the conference championships that we do as a team. I guess they won the championships last year, which is kind of cool. Not that we compete against div. 1 schools or anything....
          New updates: Ronan: http://whitefishxc.com/ronan07.html New Picture on Flathead Results Page: http://whitefishxc.com/flathead07.html Good job at Ronan... looks like the boys are stepping it up again. and the girls are staying where they need to be. Why was torgison so far back? injury?
            Jacob, I see you found results. As you can see I posted my typical "rant" and team results as well. It includes JV results as well. In regard to Togi. He and his teammates go to a meet called the Highlander invitational in Spokane on the Saturday following the meet. Because of this they use the meet as a low key "workout". The basically run as a group with the slowest runner in their top seven until they reach mile 2. Then they charge out and see how many people they can catch from there. Actually, I think that they finish pretty close teamwise as they would normally finish, but their top runners are usually to far back to catch up. Bill
              Just a little update.... I removed the "Announcements" section from the website. I didn't really see the point of having it, since no one ever went there, and it never got updated. Instead, I've just put the announcements on the main page. Also, i did a bit of tidying up... nothing that you might notice. Finally, I added a picture of clare and stella on the ronan page: http://www.whitefishxc.com/ronan07.html -Jacob
                Updated with results for the Pacific Lutheran Invitational: http://www.whitefishxc.com/plu07.html I'll put results for my race as soon as I get them, which has been taking quite a while, since a lot of our races are very loosely organized.
                  Updated with results from: Staten Island Half Marathon: http://www.whitefishxc.com/statenisland07.html Bigfoot 5K: http://www.whitefishxc.com/bigfoot07.html Also, all Alumni schedules (or what's left of them) have been posted. -Jacob
                    Jacob, I've added the comments and edited the resuts a bit on the NW A divisional meet. Bill
                        Recent updates: (limited) state results: http://www.whitefishxc.com/state07.html St. Joseph's Invitational: http://www.whitefishxc.com/stjosephs07.html Pictures from S.I. half marathon: http://whitefishxc.com/jacobs_albums/staten_island/index.html
                          Jacob, I like what you've done with the results and article that you've posted. If you want to add what I've posted that would be fine. It was such a great meet, that I don't mind overloading with results and articles. Bill
                            Ok, I added your comments and the results from the runners who were not in the top 25
                              Added 4 new albums from the pictures that were on the whs site:
                            • Mountain West Classic
                            • Ronan
                            • Whitefish
                            • State
                              • Lots of new updates... Firetruck pictures: http://www.whitefishxc.com/albums/firetruck/index.html Whitman championships: http://www.whitefishxc.com/whit_confrence07.html West Point championships: http://www.whitefishxc.com/pl_championships07.html Cooper Union championships (results coming soon...): http://www.whitefishxc.com/hvmac_championships07.html Let me know if there are any misspellings or omissions... i was doing this pretty quickly... -Jacob